This will is a bit of a delayed recap, because I am home sick today. It's not my best. My apologies.

Christian Siriano is blabbing to all sorts of media, saying Season 5 of Project Runway is the pits. So far, I agree. Yet another episode has left me unwowed. And, honestly, I'm shocked about the elimination.


The episode starts with Daniel saying he is sad Wesley is gone. (The rumor is that they are now dating!) The contestants then leave Atlas and head to the runway. They're all, of course, pumped for the next challenge. Heidi brings out the models assigned to the winner, Suede, and loser, Wes. She says Suede can pick Wes' model or stick with his. Suede replies: "Suede loves Tia; he could never change. So Suede is going to keep Tia." (Gag. Seriously, producers, it is so obvious that several of these contestants were picked to be the next "Christian." All strong personalities do not have the same charm.)

For the challenge, Tim Gunn says he's taking them for a night out on the town. ("We all know Tim ain't taking a bunch of us to his house," says Stella.) Blayne asks Tim if they're going out to the clubs. Nope. You're going on a double-decker tour bus, Blayne, and it's raining. Dressed in either a red or off-white poncho, each contestant must use a camera to capture different New York scene. A look of the choice will be inspired by the city at night. Korto is just really thinking about her hair vs. the humidity (I hear ya, Korto!).

The designers are divided into groups, and each group gets an hour to take shots in different parts of Manhattan, i.e. the public library and Times Square, where Blayne asks, "Is there any tanning salon here?" Stella can't figure out how to work the camera. They also edit in audio clips of Keith talking about how being gay in Salt Lake City is difficult, and how he always wanted to move to New York. Keith also says Stella and Kenley are talking smack about him. He says one of my favorite reality-show lines: "I'm not here to become their friends."

After a good night's sleep (and for Jerell, a smoothing facial mask), the contestants are ready to work. Tim greets them, and they have a half-hour to choose one photo to serve as inspiration. Then they get to go to Mood (their first visit!) to choose fabrics. The budget is $100. They all pick out some crazy fabric.

The designers have until 1 a.m. to work on their garmets. The winner will get immunity. "So push, push, push, push!" says Tim. There's the usual workroom panic and trashing each other's outfits. Then, Blayne says to Kenley: "I'm gonna eat you." Sigh.

Keith is making something that looks like a bunch of toilet paper (with flecks of color) taped to a dress. Stella chose something ... leather. She's hammering. It's making people mad. "I am rock and roll, and I'm going to die being rock and roll," she says. Tim does his rounds -- he's a bit worried about Kenley's '80s-ish idea; he's worried Jennifer won't have enough time to complete her dress. Leanne brings a smile to his face. Last episode, her garmet looked like Peter Pan gone wrong. Now, she's making a skirt that I adore. It's simple and edited, yet innovative. Finally, a contestant this season is listening to the judges.

Emily, on the other hand, doesn't care what Tim thinks. She has her own ideas! She has her own sense of style! She's happy with her dress, which is actually kind of cute black dress with big, awkward, bright corsagelike poof across the bust. It's not dreadfully awful, in my opinion, but it does resembles something I wore in a dance recital in 1988.

Finally, Blayne busts out the long-awaited "Holla at cha boy!" we saw in previews. Tim says it: It sounds like he's saying challah. He asks what it means ... Blayne explains, and everyone starts saying "holla!" "Make it work! Carry on! Holla at cha boy!" Tim continues as he leaves. No, Tim! Don't be as annoying as Blayne, Stella and the rest of this cast. Stick with "Make it work!" Please?

The next day, as the designers and models prep for the show, Keith learns his model must drop out of the show, and that Wes' model, Alyssa, is coming back to take her place.

After some last-minute adjustments, it's time to see the work. First on the runway is Blayne's black dress that has some kind of rainbow-neon bunchy fabric spilling down it. It's very dance costume-y. Joe's dress is pretty; it has a gold top that looks just like the photo he took. Emily shows off her circa 1988 mambo dance dress. Leanne's well-edited skirt and top are next (Why can't this be sold on Bluefly?). Jennifer's outfit looks matronly and just plain ugly. It's not fun and young, and she admits that. It's actually probably one of the worst I've ever seen on the runway. Jerell produces a long, green strapless gown that's quite nice. Kelli has a funky black look that I dig but wouldn't wear myself. Daniel offers a passable black-and-gold dress. Kenley's outfit is kind of neat -- it has a great shape, but the pattern is a bit much for me. Stella's outfit, in her own words, "looked ... pretty hard and rocking." Except wasn't rocking. The vest and pants were silver and, well, trashy looking. Terri had a pretty cool outfit with a hip-hop-ish vibe. i don't know why I didn't talk about it earlier. I have a feeling the judges will like it.

I've forgotten Korto, Keith and Suede. Suede's goldish dress is pretty forgettable. Keith's dress still looks like toilet paper. Korto's black top and pants are nice but not winners.

The top three are Kenley, Terri and Leanne. Bottom three: Keith, Jennifer and Emily. See the outfits here.

The judges like Kenley's play on volume. Judge Michael Kors says: "I think a girl that was not around in the '80s would really appreciate this dress." Keith is not so lucky. Heidi Klum says that unlike Kenley's outfit, this dress is lacking shape. Nina says the effect of little bits of paper looks sloppy.

Guest judge Sandra Bernhard loves Terri's outfit. (I don't know what Sandra knows about fashion, but I hear she is funny! Bring on the funny!) Terri describes her outfit as such: "My girl, she's, like, very confident, everyone knows her." She says Terri thought outside the box and that she likes "the whole attitude behind it." People would probably know Emily's girl, too, but for the wrong reason. They use the term "cha cha." Michael Kors says the explosion of ruffles is not place "fabulously."


Leanne: Praised by me; praised by Tim; praised by the judges. "It looks like it came right out of the store," Heidi ays. That's a great compliment. Jennifer's dress is panned, too. The hem looks terrible. She also talks about creating surreal effects, but there is no surrealism here, says Mr. Kors.

Judging time. They talk among themselves. Nina has "no comment" for Emily's dress. Ut-oh. Heidi is not interested in seeing more work from Jennifer. I think J is gone.


Kenley wins, which surprises me. But I'm OK with it. Emily is out. What? OK, it wasn't a great dress. But Jennifer's looked like something I could make! "Hell no, this was not the losing dress for this challenge," Emily says afterward. You know, I agree.

Coming up next week: Blayne doesn't know what "Sgt. Pepper" is. "Oh, my god," says Tim. My thoughts exactly, Tim.