Apple iPhone 3G, should you buy it?

OK OK OK, I know the Apple iPhone 3G hits stores today. You'd have to be living under a rock not to know, right?

I don't own an iPhone. I'm not sure I want to own an iPhone, especially since I'm pretty happy with my cell phone provider right now (and it's not AT&T). But I do know those of you out there who want to rush out and buy one of these pretty babies are wondering if it's worth the $200 to $600 for the actual handset and then another $70 or so for the monthly service fee.


Well, since I don't own one and I'm not planning on owning one, I thought you might want to hear what some reviewers thought of the iPhone 3G:

(By the way, those are people camped outside New York waiting to buy the 3G.)


Over at Tech Life, blogger Kris Abel says "it continues to be the best of my cellphone experiences. Information is so clearly laid out and features so easy to use, it's comforting." Check out his pretty thorough review.

Dan Costa at PC Magazine says don't buy a iPhone 3G.

David Pogue at the NYT warns that "you don't get that speed or those features unless you're in one of AT&T's 3G network areas — and there aren't many of them." His advice:

Walter Mossberg from the WSJ says:

Edward C. Baig at USAToday says, "Extra, extra: iPhone 3G: The Sequel, is worth the wait."

The UK Daily Mail says, "If you can find one, it is highly recommended."

Hope that helps. Happy shopping.