A few of my favorite things at Artscape

The first person who caught my eye was Huichole artist Francisco Loza at the Creative Alliance tent. His beadwork was simply stunning and he will take part in Songs on the Wind at the Patterson on July 24.

Artist Francisco Loza beads at the Creative Alliance tent.


My next stop was at greenstarstudio, where I found a mountain of Knitimals and a basket of Toothfairy Pillows that I wish had been around when I was a kid.

Toothfairy Pillows at greenstarstudio.

Art with a Heart had a tent full of beautiful handmade objects and artwork. I was pleased to meet young artist Audrey Lewis, who explained that the organization's mission is to enhance the lives of people in need through visual arts and that they teach more than 1,100 art classes each year in Baltimore.

Audrey Lewis, age 14, shows off her "Britto Table."

In the middle of the festival, under a canopy of trees, people sat on Jessie Reid's handmade ottomans and chatted with one another. Sit, Eat, Chat is a sculptural installation that serves as a meeting place of sorts. Each ottoman is made from hewn wood and cast bronze feet and they are situated closely together. A colorful dialogue took place among everyone who stopped to rest, as was Jessie's intention, "It seems if you can get people within arm's reach of each other and stationary, they begin to share an experience more intimately together and realize or remember that they aren't so dissimilar to the next guy."

Entrance to Sit, Eat, Chat (left) Baltimore resident and festival goer Helen Solomon chats with artist Jessie Reid (right).

I headed over to the DIY section and said hello to a few folks from the Charm City Craft Mafia and the Baltimore Etsy Street Team. I couldn't resist a recycled leather cuff from Fisticuffs, and I marveled at Linda Johnson's vibrant pottery at little flower designs.

A row of Fisticuffs recycled leather cuff bracelets (left) and Linda Johnson of little flower designs (right).

Charles Street was full of peculiar treasures. Cameras were clicking a mile a minute around the art cars – each one was a handmade wonder.

Art car.

On my way out, I met up with my friend Kristen Faber who was preparing to stiltwalk the festival. I helped her tie on her pantaloons (my own tiny handmade contribution for the day).

Stilter Kristen Faber.

What were a few of your favorite things at Artscape this year? Post your comments below.