Would you deal Brian Roberts for Rickie Weeks?

Sometimes, when you are sitting around watching a game in a bar, you kick around a thought that has little or no chance of actually happening.

It's just fun to kill time with 'what ifs,' especially while watching the Orioles-Red Sox (the Orioles have already clinched a winning record on this tough road trip with two to play. Impressive).


Today is one of those what-if-discussion days.

Former Sun columnist and current Fox Sports baseball writer Ken Rosenthal wrote this week that the Milwaukee Brewers have interest in O's second baseman Brian Roberts.

In response, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Brewers veteran beat reporter Tom Haudricourt blogged that Brewers GM Doug Melvin denied scouting Roberts specifically -- that the scouts were just doing their regular assignments.

From what we've been told by Sun sources, there is absolutely nothing hot on the Roberts' trade front. Maybe next month, but nothing right now.

Both of the writers above are rock-solid reporters. And, like most of these reports, there is likely some truth in both. Roberts should appeal to any contender that isn't set at second base or atop the lineup. The Brewers are playing the Orioles this month, and surely Milwaukee is checking out the Orioles for those purposes.

The next part is a suggestion by Rosenthal -- nothing more. He believes the Orioles should send Roberts to the Brewers for injured second baseman Rickie Weeks. He says it probably would have to be an expanded deal, 2-for-2 or more. And even then he's not sure it would happen.

I concur. The Brewers were not one of the aggressive teams pursuing Roberts in the offseason, and I am not sure they'd give up on Weeks, the No. 2 overall pick in the 2003 draft.

If they would, though, the Orioles would have to pull the trigger. Roberts is a big part of this team and it would be tough to see him go. But he'll be 31 in October and he's a free agent at the end of 2009.

Unless Roberts is convinced this club will be a consistent winner soon, it's fairly certain he's not signing a contract extension here.

Weeks isn't as good as Roberts defensively and he has struggled at the plate (he's batted higher than .239 just once as a big leaguer). But he's 25 and in his fourth full season in the majors. When Roberts was 25, he was just getting his first semi-regular playing time. He didn't break out until he was 27. Another hyped second baseman, Cincinnati's Brandon Phillips, didn't bust out until he was 25 and with his third organization.

Most important for a team that is rebuilding -- and, yes, this team is rebuilding -- Weeks is signed through 2011. He's five years younger than Roberts and under contract for two more years than the O's current second baseman. It's a risk worth taking, no matter how popular Roberts is on and off the field.

Of course, this almost certainly isn't going to happen. It's worthless speculation. But if -- on the remote chance it were on the table -- what would you do?

Daily Think Special: Would you trade Brian Roberts straight up for Rickie Weeks? If not, is that because you don't want to lose Roberts or because you aren't intrigued by Weeks?