Orioles' developing aura of confidence

The Orioles created a little unnecessary drama last night by allowing the Astros to bring the lead run to the plate in the ninth inning of a game Baltimore went on to win, 7-5.  But the way things have been going, even if Houston had tied or gone ahead, the O's were entirely capable of still coming back and winning. Baltimore trailed at some point in all three games against the Astos and swept the series.

Success breeds confidence and confidence has been in short supply in Orioles clubhouses in recent years.  Since salvaging the final game of an otherwise disappointing four-game home series against Boston early this month, the Orioles have gone 11-5.

It's kind of interesting, when the Orioles lost to Boston back on June 1 to go three games under .500, it was the low point of the season.  The O's were 7 1/2 games out of first place back then.  Now they're on this 11-5 run and know what?  They're still 7 games out of first.  Yet, the mood is entirely different.  That's because in this rebuilding season, the Orioles are not to be measured against other teams in the standings.  They are to be measured against what they have been.  And this is a big improvement.


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