No loss for Liz

You want a youth movement? It looks like you’ve got Garrett Olson and Radhames Liz in the rotation for a while. And if Brian Burres doesn’t get straightened out soon, make room for Chris Tillman.

OK, I’m kidding about that last part. Tillman won’t be in the majors this season. But manager Dave Trembley told reporters after last night’s game that Liz wasn’t making a spot start.

“He’s going to pitch,” Trembley said.

It sure beats throwing, which Liz did last season after being promoted, and not very well. He was a pitcher last night. He threw strikes. He looked like he had a plan and wasn’t relying strictly on his raw talent. He’s more polished. And he’s renewing a popular debate whenever his name comes up.

Is his future in the rotation or the bullpen?
I think he can be a full-time starter as he gains experience, but there are people in baseball who see him as a more effective reliever down the road. A friend of mine who doubles as a baseball writer imagines Liz as a seventh-inning guy, passing on leads to Jim Johnson in the eighth. He also thinks Liz could eventually close. He sees a little Mariano Rivera in Liz. That could work. Then again, what if there’s a little Pedro Martinez in him?

Meanwhile, is there any doubt that George Sherrill is the Orioles’ All-Star representative?

Now that it’s been made public and there’s no longer a privacy issue here, I can point out that the Orioles’ decision to go with 13 pitchers on this long road trip might have been influenced by reliever Dennis Sarfate’s wife being nine months pregnant with their first child. She's due to give birth on Sunday.

Maybe you’ve seen her at the ballpark, in the family section. If so, you're not surprised to find out she's due on Sunday, unless you assumed it was a Sunday in April.

What a trooper. She keeps coming to the games, and she can't possibly be comfortable there. Now THAT'S a supportive wife.
If it's me, I've got my feet propped up at home and I'm in a really foul mood - which is why men don't have babies.
Anyway, Sarfate's been given permission to leave the team whenever the time comes. This way, the Orioles won't be short a pitcher. 

Have the Orioles started those baserunning drills yet? If not, how about today?

Two more guys ran into outs last night, if you count Freddie Bynum being picked off first base as “running” into one. Maybe he retreated into one.

If Luis Hernandez clears waivers and is outrighted to Triple-A Norfolk, he needs to play every day. But what happens to Brandon Fahey, who’s the Tides’ starting shortstop and is batting .284?

Down on the farm, Single-A Frederick lost its franchise-record 12th game in a row last night. Brandon Erbe gave up a run on four hits in the first inning, and didn’t return for the second after a one hour, 53 minute rain delay.