Bye-bye Bynum

To get a head start on my week and lighten my workload, I've already written a blog entry for next Sunday that details another Orioles loss. I just have to insert the score.

Isn't that 11 in a row and counting? I'm beginning to lose track.


Any theories out there? Maybe it's just a coincidence. Maybe the sunlight is too distracting. Maybe Sunday mornings arrive too early after Saturday nights.

Here's another drinking game if you're bored: A shot each time manager Dave Trembley says, "With all due respect." And to avoid any controversies, "Not to be disrespectful," and "No disrespect intended" also count.


It became clear on Saturday that Freddie Bynum's days were numbered – right around the time that Trembley pinch-hit for him in the fifth inning. But I'm still surprised that the club has handed the shortstop job to Alex Cintron on a regular basis, rather than working him into some sort of platoon with Bynum and seeing taking a little more time to evaluate him.

Oscar Salazar becomes the backup, and I'm assuming that he doesn't have tremendous range. I haven't seen him play the position, but I'm sticking with my homemade scouting report until proven wrong Then I'll apologize.

Offense obviously has become a much bigger priority at shortstop than what we were told earlier this season. We kept hearing about pitching and defense, pitching and defense. Now the shortstop is required to hit a little, too. And Bynum's .192 average and five RBIs weren't going to cut it, especially without Mark Belanger's glove.

Bynum is useful as a bench player because he can be plugged into the middle infield and outfield, he can run and he has a little pop. But, as a scout from another organization mentioned to me recently, Bynum isn't an everyday shortstop.

"If you told me earlier that there are 30 starting shortstops in the majors and Bynum is one of them, I wouldn't believe it," the scout said.

The Orioles apparently decided that Bynum wasn't worth keeping around as a reserve, either.

They're not likely to stay with 13 pitchers for very long, so don't become too attached to Ryan Bukvich, who gave up a home run to Prince Fielder today. But they'll also need more innings out of Radhames Liz and Garrett Olson if they want to go back to a four-man bench.

The Carolina League All-Star Game will be played Tuesday in Myrtle Beach. Catcher Matt Wieters could be Bowie-bound shortly thereafter.