I sense that a new tradition is about to start at Camden Yards. Fans will wear caps to every game and turn up the bill each time George Sherrill posts another save.

I'm not sure how the Orioles won last night's game, but they did. Ninth inning, runners on second and third, one out, clinging to a one-run lead…and they won it.


The biggest at-bat belonged to pinch-hitter Juan Rivera, who popped up for the second out. All he needed was a fly ball, or maybe a well-placed grounder, and he skies one to Kevin Millar.

It's always a gamble to order an intentional walk to load the bases, but manager Dave Trembley did it with Chone Figgins at the plate. It was Sherrill's eighth walk in 12 2/3 innings. But Trembley loves the way Sherrill challenges hitters. In that spot, he was convinced that Sherrill would throw strikes – pitch to contact, as they say – and the lefty retired Reggie Willits on a pop up to Brian Roberts.

That's when Millar once again turned up the bill of his cap to honor Sherrill. It's not quite the same as Red Auerbach lighting up his victory cigar, but I think it could catch on.

I caught some heat in the clubhouse last week after The Sun ran my back-page story harping on the team's poor offensive numbers and how there are no solutions on the bench or Triple-A. It wasn't meant as a slam, but more of an illustration of how the farm system can't offer the same quick solutions for the lineup as it did the rotation (Garrett Olson) and bullpen (Jim Johnson), and how Trembley's options are severely limited. All he could do last night was juggle the lineup, moving Nick Markakis to second, Melvin Mora to third, Aubrey Huff to fourth, Ramon Hernandez to fifth and Millar to sixth. Huff's the most logical replacement as cleanup hitter, and Trembley found a way to put a right-handed bat (Mora) between two lefties.

Hernandez is hitting .190, so moving him up might have seemed a bit odd, but it's not like Millar's been on fire. Sometimes, a little shuffling goes a long way. It certainly worked for Markakis and Mora.

With all the concerns over Luis Hernandez and the attempts to replace him at shortstop, has anyone noticed that he's batting .250? That's a lot better than many of us were projecting.

The Orioles improved to 8-2 in one-run games. Right now, I'll take those numbers over the team's record when looking for progress.

This is another big start today for Daniel Cabrera, who owns a career 6.55 ERA against the Angels. He can go even further in convincing us that he's a different pitcher this season if he shuts them down.

Brandon Fahey singled twice last night in his first game at Triple-A Norfolk since being optioned. Mike Costanzo hit his third home run and Oscar Salazar went 2-for-3.

Jon Leicester starts today for the Tides. He was placed on Aberdeen's roster for one day as a "paper move" while the Orioles made some adjustments to Norfolk's roster.

Billy Rowell had an RBI double last night for Single-A Frederick, and Matt Wieters went 3-for-5 with two runs scored.