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RE: My Fantasy Lineup & Question

Question courtesy of Those Fantasy Guys reader Jeff:

Another great idea. I think I am going to start doing this on my blog, perhaps on the weekly links section where I will start including links to what you guys have each week. Good stuff.


Question for you: Which of the following struggling hitters do you think is most likely to turn it around and be big the rest of the way:

Andruw Jones, Brad Hawpe, Travis Hafner, Paul Konerko. I own all of them (gulp). Thanks.


Answer: I'm done with Travis Hafner, especially since I'm in a roto league. Consider the fact that he might have a good month somewhere down the road, but the reality is that if I plug someone in from now until that time, it will make up for anything crazy he does.

But to that point, I think he's done as a top-tier fantasy contributor. This "slump" has lasted more than a year and I'm done dealing with it. Never mind the average - a lot of batters struggle out of the gates and can't hit anything - but he only has four home runs. A complete power outage.

The same can be said for Andruw Jones. I have even less faith in him for two reasons:

1. Last year was a contract year and if an athlete can't show up for a pay day, then something is definitely wrong.

2. He just got paid so there is less reason for him to be working hard to correct his mistakes.

I'd also add that he's competing with a number of capable bodies in the outfield and he can easily be the odd man out the rest of the way.

I like Brad Hawpe, and I was remiss that I didn't add him when I had the chance, but now he's back on the waiver-wire and I'm debating between him, Jermaine Dye and Jose Guillen.

He is in a 5-for-36 slump, but the whole Colorado Rockies team is out of sync right now. I think he'll get hot and turn it around.


If I'm not adding Hawpe, I'd add Paul Konerko. Like the Rockies, the Chicago White Sox are struggling. But both teams are in hitter's parks so you know they'll come around when it gets warm.

Why I like Konerko is the fact that he went through a two-month slump to start the season last year, but after May, he averaged six home runs, 16 RBIs and 12 runs per month the rest of the way.

I'm done with Hafner and Jones, but I do like Hawpe and Konerko to turn it around.