Will Jason Castro finally get the boot on tonight's American Idol? Only time (about 59 minutes worth) will tell.

Host Ryan Seacrest says nearly 51 million votes came in, and that the top three were all within a million votes of one another.


The group sing (tonight, to "Reelin' in the Years") looks even sillier, choreography-wise, with so few people left.

Results: David Archuleta comes out first, and I wish they would stop making him talk. He's safe, by the way.

Then there's a bit on the final four's trip to see Love in Vegas.

More results: David Cook gets called forward, and he, too, is safe. Syesha Mercado and Jason Castro come out, and Jason asks if Ryan is really going to tell them already (since it's only like 24 minutes into the show). Ryan says no. (And again, he never said this was the "bottom two." Just that one of them is going home.)

After their Ford commercial, the contestants look suitably embarrassed.

Viewer questions. That's all I have to say about that.

Maroon 5 performs a song from 2007, which is far more current than what the contestants have had to work with this season.

Then season four's Bo Bice performs his new song "Witness."

Finally, the last of the results: Jason says that someone told him last night that he shot the tambourine man, which is kind of funny. He also says that he thinks his inexperience is starting to show this late in the competition. Syesha is safe, and Jason is going home. Whew. I think even he would have thought it was a travesty if he had stayed.

Ryan says he seems relieved, and Jason says he is because next week, it's three songs, and he doesn't know what he would have done. He sings out with "I Shot the Sheriff," and it's all over.