Dinner and drinks with a Baltimore sports celebrity

Thanks for indulging me yesterday with the sensitive topic of sports tragedies that affected you the most.

I got a chance to play Dr. Phil without the annoying catchphrases, grating accent and condescending attitude. And it was cool. After all, what good's a bartender if he doesn't hear the occasional personal story?


But let's draw the Dr. Phil line there. I don't want to know about your marital woes.

So it's a new day at Connolly's and we're switching up the music (happy, beer-drinking stuff, a little Buffett or Barenaked Ladies maybe. Other suggestions are welcome). And we're definitely switching up the tone.


It's what us Irish Catholics do. We go from mourning death to celebrating life in a nanosecond. The only common denominator is the drink in front of us

I'm pouring Guinness and Smithwick's along with the staples (Natty Boh, Yuengling, and every cheap beer you ever once stole from your dad's fridge) for this one.

The challenge today is to pick the one sports personality with Baltimore connections that you'd most like to spend an evening with out on the town. The food, drinks and cab fare is on me.

It can be an old Colt, old or current Oriole or Raven, old Bullet, Skipjack, someone who grew up around here, whatever. Alive or dead (although the presumption is that he/she is alive on the night out. Let's not get too Weekend at Bernie's here). It can even be an announcer or writer -- someone associated with sports that has/had a Balmer connection.

My first two thoughts were Art Donovan or Babe Ruth. How much fun would that be? But I'm going a little personal -- there's a dash of Dr. Phil left in me. The best storyteller I have ever been around consistently was Elrod Hendricks. And I never got the chance to hear one last story.

So I'm painting the town orange and black with Ellie. Guaranteed laughs there.

Daily Think Special: If you could have a night drinking, eating and hanging out with one current or former sports celeb with Baltimore ties, who would it be? Why? Where would you go?