I promised to highlight your responses to my query about biased sportscasters. And so, here we go …

I had mentioned some things I've heard about various sportscasters, though perception obviously is in the ears of the beholder. I remember reading and hearing that Billy Packer favored Duke and North Carolina. Though that's not my perception, a few folks set me straight about any supposed Tar Heels love.


Billy Packer does not favor UNC in any way, shape or form. As a Tar Heel fan, I hate Billy Packer. … Packer has a man crush on Coach K.

One thing that stands out as wrong, though, is an alleged Billy Packer pro-UNC tendency. I would encourage you to watch the 1993 UNC vs. Michigan national title game, and I think you would rethink that statement. There were enough negatively slanted comments against the Tar Heels that he made in that game alone to indicate the contrary. By his vocal tones, it was obvious that he wanted Michigan to win, so much so that in the post-game commentary, he hinted at the fact that he thought the inferior team won.
Hard to imagine that coming from someone who is "Pro UNC."



It's a common theme among college basketball fans to bemoan Dick Vitale's Duke devotion. Yes, he does talk about the Blue Devils and their coach a lot, even when he's not calling their games. Then again, they have been a premier program in the nation for quite a while. But when it comes to Maryland fans, anything Duke does rub them the wrong way.

You're right on regarding Dukie V and his man-love with Coach K and Duke.
Two years ago when the Terps were killing Duke, all Dukie V kept talking about was "the greatest coach in the world," and it wasn't Gary Williams.

Bob Costas happens to be one of my favorites. That's not the case for those I heard from.

[Costas] has hated Balmer LONG before we got the Ravens. When he comes on, the sound goes off.

I will never forget [Costas'] comments about the Ravens when they arrived in Bmore. He and a long list of others can keep hating.

To this day, I still have horrible memories of Bob Costas ranting about "El Duque" pitching for the Yankees during all those World Series games. I think he used it in every other sentence when he was on the mound. I never heard his real name used even once. I am scarred for life.
What a homer for anything New York!!! I am still fed up with Bob Costas.
Longtime Fan

Some of you also believe too many network voices are enamored of  the Patriots.

Jim Nantz -- Tom Brady/New England Patriots.
Listen to Nantz after Brady completed the Statue of Liberty play in the playoff game against the Jaguars: "And then he pauses ... with great poise." (I wish I could get the exact quote.)
By the way, Nantz/Simms teamed up for practically every Patriots game in 2007-08.

(Full disclosure note: The Mike above is the son of one of the terrific editors on our staff.)

Jim Nance is unashamedly in love with the New England Patriots. It's disgusting.

(Cheap shot note: If Jim Nance was in love with the Patriots, that only makes sense, because he played running back for them. Nance, twice the leading rusher in the AFL, died at 49 in 1992.)

Tim McCarver  apparently straddles across one of baseball's fiercest rivalries by favoring both teams.

Tim McCarver is so pro-Yankees it's not funny. He loves Derek Jeter. During the 2004 American League Championship Series, he talked so much about Jeter's eyes, it creeped out Yankees fans.

Tim McCarver … is a huge Red Sox fan, and it definitely comes out in his commentary.

You say Rich Gannon is still feeling the pain of that monster sack administered by Tony Siragusa and thus dislikes all things Ravens.

Rich Gannon seems to have held a grudge against the Ravens since he was pancaked by The Goose.
Rich Gannon … hates the Ravens for the Goose "Superman  Snooka" body splash that effectively ended his career.

(I think that should be "Superfly Snuka." Kevin Eck over at Ring Posts would be so proud of me.)
And let's finish up with some random shots:

Joe Morgan … never seems to compliment a pitcher for getting a hitter out.

Mel Kiper gives the Ravens props, and they all call him a homer. … I feel like almost every broadcast team from Ian Eagle to the Monday Night crew with Kornheiser's annoying, unfunny jokes and disdain and disrespect for Billick, it was tough to watch a game with the sound on unless we got one of the top broadcast teams.

How about Ahmad Rashad with Michael Jordan and any golf announcer with Tiger Woods? Granted, both these athletes are incredible, but it gets a little sickening after awhile. There are other golfers on tour last time I checked. If another guy wins a tournament, Tiger still gets the most attention.

The entire ESPN network is biased toward: Yankees, Red Sox, Patriots, Cowboys, Duke, Notre Dame.

How about Troy Aikman and his undying love of everything Dallas? And what's worse --  he's always got the Dallas game on Fox.

It's real obvious that Gus Johnson is anti-Ravens if you've ever heard him broadcast one of their games.

Merril Hoge and his ongoing love affair with the Steelers and bias against the Ravens.

Kirk Herbstreit and Ohio State -- I know he is an alumnus, but give it a rest. … One more -- any college football broadcaster and Tim Tebow. Man, if I have to hear Tim Tebow and Superman in the same sentence this fall ... by all accounts, he is a great kid, but please give it a rest.


And finally …

Mel Kiper Jr.'s bias towards hair gel.