Carmelo Anthony was arrested early this morning on suspicion of driving under the influence. He was pulled over for weaving and failing to dim his lights.

Anthony failed a series of sobriety tests, was ticketed and released at the scene. Detective Sharon  Hahn said she doesn't know how Anthony got home.


Probably not in a straight line.

I really hope somebody called him a cab.

Garrett Olson pitches tonight for Triple-A Norfolk. He's 1-0 with a 0.90 ERA.

Don't ask why, but I was reviewing the first round of the 1999 baseball draft, the one that probably set back the Orioles for more years than we can count. They passed on Alex Rios twice before the Toronto Blue Jays took him with the 19th pick, but the Orioles weren't the only team that swung and missed. They just had more at-bats than anyone else.

Check out these picks:

1. Josh Hamilton (OF) - Tampa Bay

2. Josh Beckett (P) - Florida

3. Eric Munson (C) - Detroit

4. Corey Myers (IF) - Arizona

5. B.J. Garbe (OF) - Minnesota

6. Josh Girdley (P) - Montreal

7. Kyle Snyder (P) - Kansas City

8. Bobby Bradley (P) - Pittsburgh

9. Barry Zito (P) - Oakland


10. Ben Sheets (P) - Milwaukee

11. Ryan Christianson (C) - Seattle

12. Brett Myers (P) - Philadelphia

13. Mike Paradis (P) - Orioles

14. Ty Howington (P) - Cincinnati

15. Jason Stumm (P) - White Sox

16. Jason Jennings (P) - Colorado

17. Rick Asadoorian (OF) - Boston

18. Richard Stahl (P) - Orioles

19. Alex Rios (OF) - Toronto

20. Vince Faison (OF) - San Diego

21. Larry Bigbie (OF) - Orioles

22. Matt Ginter (P) - White Sox

23. Keith Reed (OF) - Orioles

24. Kurt Ainsworth (P) - San Francisco

25. Mike MacDougal (P) - Kansas City

26. Ben Christensen (P) - Cubs

27. David Walling (P) - Yankees

28. Gerik Baxter (P) - San Diego

29. Omar Ortiz (P) - San Diego

30. Chance Caple (P) - St. Louis

The Orioles also had three supplemental picks, including Brian Roberts at No. 50. We won't discuss pitchers Josh Cenate (34) and Scott Rice (44).

By my count, only 14 of the top 30 made it to the majors.