Madden cover boy Favre teases on retirement

I suppose this is history in a way.

The famous EA Madden '09 video football game will feature on its cover a retired player -- Brett Favre.  The Madden game, as many football fans are aware, has taken on the reputation of a Sports Illustrated magazine cover -- meaning it's been seen as a jinx.


A couple of years ago, Seattle's Shaun Alexander was on the cover of the Madden game box and almost immediately, he started getting banged up and now he's out of the game. After Donovan McNabb was on the cover, he had a tough season with injuries. After Michael Vick was on it, he had his leg broken in an exhibition game against the Ravens -- and we know what's happened since then. Daunte Culpepper, Marshall Faulk and Ray Lewis all had problems with injuries or a drop-off in performance or both after their appearances on the box.

Of course, if Favre stays retired, the on-field curse will be avoided but there's some speculation that curses are not so easily thwarted. And it has been suggested that there may be curse surrogates, for instance Favre heir, Aaron Rodgers, or Favre admirer, John Madden himself.


Favre's appearance on the cover was announced when he appeared on the David Letterman show last night and Favre also had some fun with "will he come back" question that's been out there from the moment Favre held his teary farewell press conference.

Here's the back-and-forth between Letterman and Favre.  The full transcript is here.

Brett: "I wasn't excited about (minicamp) last year. I think when training camp gets close, I will – something's bound to happen."

Dave: "Yeah, now what does that mean, 'something's bound to happen' As you get close to training camp – now, wait a minute, something's bound to happen. What does that mean?"

Brett: "I don't know. Did I just say that?"

Dave: "You just said, 'Something's bound to happen,' so this makes me think you're not retired."

Brett: "Butterflies, or – I don't know, something's bound to happen."

Photo credit: Associated Press