Ian Kennedy threw 85 pitches in 2 2/3 innings. But at least he walked five guys.



Fortunately for the Yankees, Andy Pettitte, is 22-6 against the Orioles, and he starts tomorrow.

I was just about to write that the Orioles might regret scoring only two runs off Kennedy, and Ramon Hernandez ripped a two-run double to left-center field.

Hernandez doubled in the second inning and scored on Brandon Fahey's double - the shortstop's second hit in 15 at-bats this season.

Take that, Alex Cintron.

Brian Burres really is scuffling, but he still hasn't given up a run. He's allowed seven baserunners among the 17 batters he's faced in four innings.

In the current issue of Press Box, Joe Platania rates the 10 best Ravens draft picks of all time:

1. Jonathan Ogden

2. Ray Lewis

3. Ed Reed

4. Peter Boulware

5. Todd Heap

6. Terrell Suggs

7. Jamal Lewis

8. Chris McAlister


9. Edwin Mulitalo

10. Jason Brown

Adalius Thomas made the honorable mention list. Shouldn't he be in the top 10?