Baseball -- and serving pop-top Schlitz and Natty Bohs -- may be our primary expertise around here.

I enjoyed our bull session yesterday concerning the "can't misses" that missed. Not surprisingly, a lot of it had to do with overhyped Orioles prospects.


Here's some painful info: From 1998 to 2002 these were the No. 1-rated prospects in the Orioles organization as determined by Baseball America: Ryan Minor (1998), Matt Riley (1999-2000), Keith Reed (2001) and Richard Stahl (2002).

Minor, a tremendous guy, had the most distinguished big-league career of the group, and he's been out of the majors since 2001. Riley, who is in Triple-A with the L.A. Dodgers organization, is the only one still in affiliated ball.

In comparison, the rival Toronto Blue Jays had Roy Halladay, Vernon Wells and cult hero Josh Phelps as their top prospects in that five-year span.


But we're not just baseball geeks here. Connolly's is an equal opportunity sports bar. Today we're watching the NFL draft on all 12 of our big-screen plasmas. The picture's so clear you can see the gel particles on each individual strand of Mel Kiper's helmet.

So let's get our draft on with some predictions for this afternoon. These are just hunches; I have no more info than you do.

Michigan's Jake Long is a Dolphin, obviously, and the Rams take LSU's Glenn Dorsey, who I think is going to be an incredible pro.

Boston College quarterback Matt Ryan won't reach the Ravens at No. 8. He'll go No. 3, likely to the Falcons, who currently have the pick and probably will keep it.

The Raiders go sentimental and snag Howie Long's son, Chris, at No. 4, killing the Ravens' chances of getting him. That means the Ravens end up with Boise State offensive lineman Ryan Clady – just a hunch people. I wouldn't be surprised if they trade down, either.

In the second round, the Ravens end up with Delaware QB Joe Flacco.

I'm just hoping that North Carolina's DT Kentwan Balmer falls to the Orioles, so desperate fans can finally see Balmer on the road jerseys.

Daily Think Special: Give me some of your picks for the draft. The one with the most questions answered correctly gets a free cyber drink chip (monetarily, worth nothing) and the opportunity to offer up your own Daily Think Special at a later date (again, worth nothing money-wise, but imagine your pride at the bar.)

Here are the five burning questions:

Who do the Ravens take? Who selects Matt Ryan? Who takes Chris Long? Who takes Darren McFadden? Where does Balmer, the player, end up?