After last night's "Idol Gives Back" special, tonight it's back to competition -- and some results -- on American Idol.

Even though the special went quite a bit beyond its scheduled 2.5 hours, I suspect a lot of tonight's filler will be the stuff that didn't make the cut last night.


The first filler, though, is a montage of the stuff that didmake the cut last night.

Ryan Seacrest announces that more than $60 million was raised last night. (You can donate here. You can read about how the show had lower ratings than last year's "Idol Gives Back" but raised more funds here.)

The first trimmed bit inflicted upon us is a bunch of celebrities lip-syncing "I'm a Believer."

Then, results, based on the more than 31 million votes cast Tuesday: Brooke White comes forward and says part of why she was so emotional after her performance was because her sister is getting married Saturday and she probably won't be there. But then she freaks about about making assumptions and being presumptuous, but Ryan tells her she's safe. David Cook tells Ryan he thinks it could go either way, but he, too, is safe. David Archuleta is also safe.

At this point, I start to wonder whether commenter Bucky is right with his prediction that no one is going home this week.

After the break, there's more footage from Forest Whitaker and his wife's visit to Angola.

Then Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown come out to sing "No Air." Afterward, some of "Jordin's fans" come on the stage with her awards for 1 million downloads of "No Air" and "Tattoo" and a half-million downloads of her album.

Results again: Jason Castro comes out from backstage, and he finds out he is safe. Kristy Lee Cook is next, and she is safe. This leaves a bottom three of Syesha Mercado, Carly Smithson and Michael Johns. So that was kind of a mean fakeout -- making them (and me) think that maybe there wouldn't be an elimination this week.

Then there is a message from Bono and his organization One. This is followed by messages from Hillary Clinton, John McCain (who makes a "votes actually count" joke) and Barack Obama. Worst transition ever: Ryan says, "Three of America's top politicians there, and here we have American Idol's bottom three contestants." Oy.

And the last man standing is Michael Johns, and Ryan says he has the lowest number of votes, which elicits boos from the audience. Then, to add insult to injury, Ryan says, "Last year on Idol Gives Back week, we didn't eliminate anyone." Not so this week. Wow, that was jerky.

Michael says he is surprised because he enjoyed singing "Dream On," but it's not a bad song to go out on. Then we get his exit montage. I'm pretty shocked -- Tuesday was a rough night for lots of people, and Michael was far from the worst. What do you think?