They jump right in with the music on tonight's American Idol results show -- the remaining seven come out to sing Mariah Carey's "One Sweet Day."

After a montage from last night, it's right to the results, sort of: Jason Castro comes out from backstage, and he has to start a group to Ryan's left. None of this safety couches and danger stools, I guess. David Cook is next, and he has to start a group to Ryan's right. Carly Smithson comes out smiling, and she joins Jason. Kristy Lee Cook joins David Cook.


So ... that revealed nothing.

But before we learn more, Elliott Yamin comes out to sing "Free." Aww, I miss Elliott -- he was always interesting and fun and so glad to be there on his season. He has "We Miss You, Mom" on his hand, and it turns out his mom, who was so adorable on the show, passed away within the past couple of days. He says it's his first time on stage without her being in the audience. That's terrible. Here is a little more information -- she passed away on April 2. Condolences to Elliott.

Back to the results: Syesha Mercado joins Jason and Carly. Brooke White is next, and she's told to join David and Kristy.

Still not that illuminating.

David Archuleta is stuck backstage wondering what is going on while Ryan takes viewer calls.

And he has to keep waiting (though he gets to come out on stage) while Mariah Carey comes out to perform. For the record, Miss Mimi has a Beadazzled microphone and stand. Because she is 9 years old. Also, her song is really, really long, and I'm not even waiting to find out whether I'm in the bottom three.

Finally, David Archuleta gets to come on stage, and Ryan tells him he is safe. Then Ryan makes David Cook and Syesha switch places and says one group is safe and one is the bottom three. Ryan makes David Archuleta join the group he thinks is safe. But instead, David sits down in the middle of the stage. Finally, the rest of the safe group, which, as it turns out, is David Cook, Carly Smithson and Jason Castro, comes to him.

So that leaves a bottom three of: Kristy, Brooke and Syesha. Syehsa is safe, as is Brooke.

So farewell, Kristy Lee Cook. For her sing-out, she, oddly, sits on the judges' table and sings directly to Simon for the first part of the song. Well, OK, then!