It's cutting time once again on American Idol -- well, in about an hour anyway.

First up, the final six perform "All I Ask of You" with this week's mentor, Andrew Lloyd Webber. After the montage from last night, host Ryan Seacrest talks to Webber about the competition. Among other things, they discuss the fact that Brooke stopped her performance and started over, and Webber says it happens to the best of people in the theater, and that he felt for her because she was "flawless" in dress rehearsal. He also says that Jason made the most curious song choice he'd ever heard. He's a weird guy but pretty funny.


Next, there's a statement from President and Mrs. Bush about "Idol Gives Back," which raised more than $65 million.

Results time. There are stools of danger (only two, though) and the safety couch once again. Ryan calls David Cook and David Archuleta forward to find out their fates. Ryan asks Simon about Archuleta's performance, but he has a mouthful of food, so he's vaguely incomprehensible (and actually kind of embarrassed). They are both safe.

Ryan drops the bomb that next week's mentor is Neil Diamond. Come on, really? I guess I probably could have figured that out by process of elimination. But can these contestants please sing something from even the late 1990s? Early 2000s?

Next, there's a look at the Idols who are starring on Broadway. (Clay Aiken is in Spam-a-Lot right now, and Tamyra Gray is in Rent.)

Then Leona Lewis performs "Bleeding Love." (Simon discovered her on his show The X Factor, in case you didn't know.)

Back to results: Syesha Mercado and Brooke White come out from backstage. Brooke says she followed her instinct last night and she didn't know what else to do. She also apologizes for interrupting the judges in the past and says that last night, she decided to just listen. Brooke is safe, and Syesha is in the bottom two.

(Aside to Paula's stylist: Please stop mistreating her chest and find her clothing that fits!)

Carly Smithson and Jason Castro are last to find out what's up. Jason is safe, and Carly is in the bottom two.

Wow, OK. So the folks who did the best job last night are in the bottom two. Interesting. At least we get to hear reprisals that are good.

Going home is Carly Smithson. Too bad she didn't decide to let go and have fun earlier. Sad. Although she handles it with possibly the best attitude ever.

What do you think about the results?