On tonight's American Idol, we'll learn who the final four are. And, I'm sure, hear some explanation for Paula's seeing into the future moment last night when she started evaluating Jason's second song when he'd only sung once thus far. (Here's the story that's been making the rounds today.)

Host Ryan Seacrest says he's still out of breath from last night's show because of its fast pace and that more than 45 million votes were cast.


First up: The group sing, a tribute to Neil Diamond.

Ryan stops in the audience to talk to Idol alums Constantine Maroulis and Gina Glocksen so they can pimp their Fox Reality show. Then, after his blabbing about how they like to pay tribute to former Idol contestants, he walks right past Ace Young without saying a single word. Ouch.

Time to address that Paula issue from last night, sort of: He says, "The rumors, they're not true, and she's part of our family." Well, that clears that up!

Results time: Jason Castro comes forward and finds out that he's safe. David Archuleta is next, and he's safe, too.

Throwing it to commercial, Ryan says the theme next week is "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame." Now that sounds promising!

Next, here's an extended preview for the next season of So You Think You Can Dance, which I am seriously looking forward to and which premieres May 22. (I covered the first round of auditions in D.C. a few months back. Check out a video here, if you want.)

More results: David Cook hits the stage and he's safe, so that leaves a bottom two last two of Brooke White and Syesha Mercado. (Update: As several commenters have pointed out, Ryan never actually used the words "bottom two," so it's possible someone else had fewer votes.)

But they have to wait it out, first through a performance by Natasha Bedingfield (including a kiss for David Archuleta), viewer calls (including a question from Tara Miller, who was Simon's first kiss when they were 9) and a performance by Neil Diamond (including an appearance by his mother, who is in the audience).

Back to the results, and Brooke is already crying. And by the way, Brooke is going home.

She is kind of a disaster, she's crying so much, but she gives her final sing her best try (until my DVR cuts off -- one of these days the show will end on time).

I'm really surprised Jason wasn't in the bottom two, but not at all surprised to see Brooke out. She's a sweet girl, but this was getting harder and harder for her, I think. How do you feel about the results? (Or about how the show chose to deal with Paula's gaffe last night, for that matter?)