Baseball: Rundown of a live draft

Earlier in the year, I gave a list of the top players at each position. Before the season, I planned on distributing an updated set of positional rankings. However, I thought it might be more helpful to share the results of one of my recent live drafts.

This particular draft had 10 teams and 25 rounds. While there are many different draft formats, this is a common arrangement if you join a public league. Some of the crazy picks from this draft might not happen in your draft if you do a little bit of research before your draft day (or checkout our blog!).


However, a 10-team public league will have a good mix of people who know what they are doing and others who are just playing for fun. Therefore, a few picks might have you scratching your head. In my mind, that's perfect because you'll be able to grab some sleepers later in the draft.

Like I said, there were a few questionable moves by the other owners in the draft. For example, "Team 10" seems to be a fan of the Cleveland Indians because more than half of his team has played in Cleveland at one time (including Kenny Lofton, who still doesn't have a team for 2008). Also, "Team 5" decided to take Scott Thorman in the 24th round. Maybe that owner knows something about Mark Teixeira that the rest of us don't because Thorman doesn't have any fantasy value as long as Teixeira plays the entire season. Anyway, I'm not going to point out all of the debatable selections.


I had the seventh choice in the draft, so my team is "Team 7" in the draft recap below. The draft went in alternating order depending on what round it was. Overall, it surprised me that a lot of players were still available at different points of the draft when it was my turn to pick. Below is a list of the players that I was surprised to get in each round.

Round 2: Jimmy Rollins – I was mildly surprised that Rollins fell to me with the 14th overall pick, but he was still the third shortstop chosen like I predicted.

Round 7: Francisco Rodriguez – Although he was drafted when I expected, I didn't think there would be two closers selected ahead of him, including Seattle's J.J. Putz.

Round 8: Roy Halladay – I was happy to be able to select Halladay with my eighth pick because he'll work well as my No. 2 starter and I didn't need to rush to pick him.

Round 12: Felix Hernandez – After I passed on him in the 11th round to grab Tampa Bay's James Shields, I didn't think Hernandez would be available for my next pick. No one grabbed him and he could be the steal of the draft for me.

Round 14: Matt Cain – Even though he had 16 losses in 2007, I projected Cain to be drafted in the eighth or ninth round because of his ability to get strikeouts. Ideally he'll improve his record this season and still post similar strikeout totals, which will be perfect for this selection.

Round 17: Aaron Hill – I'll probably use B.J. Upton as my second baseman since he qualifies for the position in my league, but Hill will provide a solid alternative.

Round 20: Jose Guillen – While I predicted that Guillen would have a bad year, he was just too good to pass up with my 20th selection. Hopefully he proves me wrong.

Round 22: Kosuke Fukudome – I don't know what to expect from the Japanese import in his first year in the major leagues, but he was worth the risk in the 22nd round.

Round 25: Jon Garland – With John Lackey not expected to pitch for most of April, Garland will hopefully step up and earn some extra wins for me early in the season. Either way, there's not much risk since he was my last selection.

Most of the leagues will be drafting in the next few days because the season starts Tuesday in Japan with the Boston Red Sox facing the Oakland Athletics. If you have any questions or need advice before your draft, feel free to e-mail me at djones@baltimoresun.com and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Round 1

Team 1: Alex Rodriguez

Team 2: Hanley Ramirez

Team 3: David Wright

Team 4: Jose Reyes

Team 5: Ryan Howard

Team 6: Chase Utley

Team 7: Matt Holliday

Team 8: Miguel Cabrera

Team 9: Johan Santana

Team 10: Grady Sizemore

Round 2

Team 10: Travis Hafner

Team 9: Ryan Braun

Team 8: Carl Crawford

Team 7: Jimmy Rollins

Team 6: Albert Pujols

Team 5: Derek Jeter

Team 4: Alfonso Soriano

Team 3: David Ortiz

Team 2: Jake Peavy

Team 1: Ichiro Suzuki

Round 3

Team 1: Brandon Phillips

Team 2: Prince Fielder

Team 3: Mark Teixeira

Team 4: Carlos Lee

Team 5: Vladimir Guerrero

Team 6: Erik Bedard

Team 7: B.J. Upton

Team 8: Carlos Beltran

Team 9: Nick Markakis

Team 10: C.C. Sabathia

Round 4

Team 10: Fausto Carmona

Team 9: Robinson Cano

Team 8: Derrek Lee

Team 7: Lance Berkman

Team 6: Brandon Webb

Team 5: Josh Beckett

Team 4: Magglio Ordonez

Team 3: Cole Hamels

Team 2: Aramis Ramirez

Team 1: Eric Byrnes

Round 5

Team 1: Justin Morneau

Team 2: Victor Martinez

Team 3: Jonathan Papelbon

Team 4: Brian Roberts

Team 5: Manny Ramirez

Team 6: Dan Haren

Team 7: Justin Verlander

Team 8: Carlos Guillen

Team 9: Curtis Granderson

Team 10: Daisuke Matsuzaka

Round 6

Team 10: Miguel Tejada

Team 9: Bobby Abreu

Team 8: Dustin Pedroia

Team 7: Alex Rios

Team 6: Garrett Atkins

Team 5: Chipper Jones

Team 4: Chone Figgins

Team 3: Torii Hunter

Team 2: Troy Tulowitzki

Team 1: Carlos Pena

Round 7

Team 1: Russell Martin

Team 2: J.J. Putz

Team 3: Dan Uggla

Team 4: Aaron Harang

Team 5: John Smoltz

Team 6: Roy Oswalt

Team 7: Francisco Rodriguez

Team 8: Johnny Damon

Team 9: Carlos Zambrano

Team 10: Kenny Lofton

Round 8

Team 10: Casey Blake

Team 9: Hunter Pence

Team 8: Ken Griffey Jr.

Team 7: Roy Halladay

Team 6: Rafael Furcal

Team 5: Brian McCann

Team 4: Joe Nathan

Team 3: Chris Young (pitcher)

Team 2: Gary Sheffield

Team 1: Matt Kemp

Round 9

Team 1: Ian Kinsler

Team 2: Adrian Gonzalez

Team 3: Joe Mauer

Team 4: Corey Hart

Team 5: Jeff Francoeur

Team 6: Ryan Zimmerman

Team 7: Adam Dunn

Team 8: Francisco Cordero

Team 9: Javier Vazquez

Team 10: Jhonny Peralta

Round 10

Team 10: Ryan Garko

Team 9: Ivan Rodriguez

Team 8: Trevor Hoffman

Team 7: Adrian Beltre

Team 6: Michael Young

Team 5: Placido Polanco

Team 4: Paul Konerko

Team 3: Billy Wagner

Team 2: Takashi Saito

Team 1: Vernon Wells

Round 11

Team 1: Jason Bay

Team 2: Mariano Rivera


Team 3: Hideki Matsui


Team 4: Chris Young (outfielder)

Team 5: Andy Pettitte

Team 6: Todd Helton

Team 7: James Shields

Team 8: Clay Buchholz

Team 9: Edgar Renteria

Team 10: Tim Hudson

Round 12

Team 10: Coco Crisp

Team 9: Josh Hamilton

Team 8: Brad Penny

Team 7: Felix Hernandez

Team 6: Jermaine Dye

Team 5: Rafael Betancourt

Team 4: Orlando Cabrera

Team 3: Jim Thome

Team 2: Delmon Young

Team 1: Jose Valverde

Round 13

Team 1: Jorge Posada

Team 2: Howie Kendrick

Team 3: Scott Kazmir

Team 4: Rich Hill

Team 5: Mike Lowell

Team 6: Tim Lincecum

Team 7: Bobby Jenks

Team 8: A.J. Pierzynski

Team 9: Huston Street

Team 10: Brett Myers

Round 14

Team 10: Pedro Martinez

Team 9: Francisco Liriano

Team 8: Jon Lester

Team 7: Matt Cain

Team 6: Alex Gordon

Team 5: Andruw Jones

Team 4: Juan Pierre

Team 3: Khalil Greene

Team 2: Ian Snell

Team 1: Kenji Johjima

Round 15

Team 1: A.J. Burnett

Team 2: James Loney

Team 3: J.J. Hardy

Team 4: Brad Hawpe

Team 5: Tim Wakefield

Team 6: Adam Wainwright

Team 7: Nick Swisher

Team 8: Mark Buehrle

Team 9: Shane Victorino

Team 10: Bengie Molina

Round 16

Team 10: Asdrubal Cabrera

Team 9: John Maine

Team 8: Derek Lowe

Team 7: Chien-Ming Wang

Team 6: Jeff Kent

Team 5: Rafael Soriano

Team 4: Yovani Gallardo

Team 3: Ben Sheets

Team 2: Rickie Weeks

Team 1: Matt Capps

Round 17

Team 1: Manny Corpas

Team 2: John Lackey

Team 3: Pat Burrell

Team 4: Adam LaRoche

Team 5: Curt Schilling

Team 6: Dustin McGowan

Team 7: Aaron Hill

Team 8: Julio Lugo

Team 9: Yunel Escobar

Team 10: Milton Bradley

Round 18

Team 10: Willy Taveras

Team 9: Chad Cordero

Team 8: Kevin Youkilis

Team 7: Ramon Hernandez

Team 6: Jason Isringhausen

Team 5: Kelly Johnson

Team 4: Edwin Encarnacion

Team 3: Dontrelle Willis

Team 2: Jeremy Hermida

Team 1: Jeremy Bonderman

Round 19

Team 1: Kevin Kouzmanoff

Team 2: Chad Billingsley

Team 3: Oliver Perez

Team 4: Kelvim Escobar

Team 5: Tom Glavine

Team 6: Frank Thomas

Team 7: Raul Ibanez

Team 8: Hideki Okajima

Team 9: Brad Lidge

Team 10: Troy Glaus

Round 20

Team 10: Jake Westbrook

Team 9: Joba Chamberlain

Team 8: Mike Mussina

Team 7: Jose Guillen

Team 6: Jeff Francis

Team 5: Trot Nixon

Team 4: Casey Kotchman

Team 3: Carlos Delgado

Team 2: Aaron Rowand

Team 1: Joakim Soria

Round 21

Team 1: Ted Lilly

Team 2: Kazuo Matsui

Team 3: Gary Matthews Jr.

Team 4: Tom Gorzelanny

Team 5: Lee Gardner

Team 6: Michael Bourn

Team 7: Joe Blanton

Team 8: Jacoby Ellsbury

Team 9: Conor Jackson

Team 10: Paul Byrd

Round 22

Team 10: Scott Baker

Team 9: Kevin Gregg

Team 8: Jered Weaver

Team 7: Kosuke Fukodome

Team 6: Michael Cuddyer

Team 5: Nomar Garciaparra

Team 4: Phil Hughes

Team 3: Joe Borowski

Team 2: Todd Jones

Team 1: Orlando Hudson

Round 23

Team 1: Zack Greinke

Team 2: Josh Willingham

Team 3: Mike Cameron

Team 4: Geovany Soto

Team 5: Jason Varitek

Team 6: Randy Winn

Team 7: Brian Wilson

Team 8: J.R. Towles

Team 9: J.D. Drew

Team 10: Justin Upton

Round 24

Team 10: Akinori Iwamura

Team 9: Evan Longoria

Team 8: Rich Harden

Team 7: Gil Meche

Team 6: Rick Ankiel

Team 5: Scott Thorman

Team 4: Bronson Arroyo

Team 3: Garret Anderson

Team 2: Greg Maddux

Team 1: Bob Howry

Round 25

Team 1: Stephen Drew

Team 2: Austin Kearns

Team 3: Jack Cust

Team 4: Jeremy Accardo

Team 5: Jason Giambi

Team 6: Mike Napoli

Team 7: Jon Garland

Team 8: David Eckstein

Team 9: Troy Percival

Team 10: Orlando Hernandez

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