Here's the vote breakdown on the DNA collection bill:

Nays (11):


Joan Carter Conway, D, Baltimore City
Ulysses Currie, D, Prince George's County
Nathaniel Exum, D, Prince George's County
Lisa A. Gladden, D, Baltimore City
Janet Greenip, R, Anne Arundel County
David C. Harrington, D, Prince George's County
Andrew P. Harris, R, Baltimore County & Harford County

Verna L. Jones, D, Baltimore City
Delores G. Kelley, D, Baltimore County
Allan H. Kittleman, R, Carroll & Howard Counties
Alex X. Mooney, R, Frederick & Washington Counties
C. Anthony Muse, D, Prince George's County
E.J. Pipkin, R, Caroline, Cecil, Kent & Queen Anne's Counties


Yeas (36):

John C. Astle, D, Anne Arundel County
David R. Brinkley, R, Frederick & Carroll Counties
James Brochin, D, Baltimore County
Richard F. Colburn, R, Caroline, Dorchester, Talbot & Wicomico Counties
James E. DeGrange, Sr., D, Anne Arundel County
George W. Della, Jr., D, Baltimore City
Roy P. Dyson, D, Calvert, Charles & St. Mary's Counties
George C. Edwards, R, Allegany, Garrett & Washington Counties
Jennie M. Forehand, D, Montgomery County
Brian E. Frosh, D, Montgomery County
Robert J. Garagiola, D, Montgomery County
Barry Glassman, R, Harford County
Larry E. Haines, R, Baltimore County & Carroll Counties
Nancy Jacobs, R, Cecil & Harford Counties
Edward J. Kasemeyer, D, Baltimore County & Howard County
Nancy J. King, D, Montgomery County
Katherine A. Klausmeier, D, Baltimore County
Rona E. Kramer, D, Montgomery County
Mike Lennett, D, Montgomery County
Richard S. Madaleno, Jr., D, Montgomery County
Nathaniel J. McFadden, D, Baltimore City
Thomas M. Middleton, D, Charles County
Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr., D, Calvert & Prince George's Counties
Donald F. Munson, R, Washington County
Douglas J.J. Peters, D, Prince George's County
Paul G. Pinsky, D, Prince George's County
Catherine E. Pugh, D, Baltimore City
Jamie Raskin, D, Montgomery County
James N. Robey, D, Howard County
Jim Rosapepe, D, Anne Arundel & Prince George's Counties
Bryan W. Simonaire, R, Anne Arundel County
J. Lowell Stoltzfus, R, Somerset, Wicomico & Worcester Counties
Norman R. Stone, Jr., D, Baltimore County
Bobby A. Zirkin, D, Baltimore County

* Jones changed her vote after the roll call had been completed.