E-mail: Jason Bay/Adam Jones for Kosuke Fukudome/Manny Parra

My name is Tyler, and I'm a student at Baylor University. I'm writing to get your opinion about a trade that was proposed to me by a friend in a yahoo! rotisserie league. I do not know if you respond to these types of emails but I thought I would give it a chance. I know I'm going out on a limb asking you questions about players that have not even played yet, but I have read a bio. on you and was impressed enough to ask for your feedback.


My friend offered:

Jason Bay

Adam Jones (Bal - OF)


Kosuke Fukudome

Manny Parra


1. I like these prospects. I'm holding on to them because I want to see how they pan out, but should I make a move for Jason Bay regardless of his injuries, but because I have a weak outfield?

2. I also have John Lackey and Kelvim Escobar as my starters. With them out for the first month, should I hold on to Manny Parra?

3. Is Adam Jones a prospect to look out for later in the season or take him now at the beginning of the season?

If I counter his trade with:

Phil Hughes

Miguel Tejada

Kosuke Fukudome(ChC - OF) or (Manny Parra (Mil - P))


For his:

Carlos Guillen

Jason Bay

Note : Am I asking for too much? Or too little?

Thanks for listening.


Tyler Curd

Hey Tyler -- me and Dave Bliss will be cheering for the Bears against the Boilermakers in the first round.

For sure I answer these e-mails -- I also post them so it helps other people.

Well first off, not sure why you are so into Manny Parra. I know he threw a perfect game in AAA last year and he's been on fire in spring training, but he hasn't won the job and there are more experienced guys ahead of him. If I'm the Brewers, I use one of his options and use him as a midseason boost (a la what Ryan Braun did for their offense when they hit a bit of a lull). Unless he wins a job, there's no guarantee he'll help you in the first month of the season while John Lackey and Kelvim Escobar are out.

As far as Jason Bay, I'm not so hot on him to be honest. Maybe I'm one of the few, but I personally don't believe he's going to bounce back significantly. For starters, he's had a terrible spring training. Secondly, he plays for a losing team with no shot, and third, they want him to play well so they can trade him. I think he knows his future in Pittsburgh is short. The combination of those three things makes me believe he won't pick it up -- at least until he gets traded.

Kosuke Fukudome is more interesting to me. He is great at getting on base and they plan to either hit him fifth in the lineup, behind Aramis Ramirez, or second or third. Here is what would be ideal for the Cubs: acquire Brian Roberts, make him hit leadoff, move Fukudome to second, then put Alfonso Soriano in the three-hole. I think all of that is realistic (might actually happen), which means Fukudome could be among the league leaders in runs. I'm thinking positive here.

As for Adam Jones, I like him right away. With the Orioles rebuilding, "Pacman" is going to get as many at-bats as he can handle. With rookies, you always have to worry about late-season/second-half fatigue, but we can only deal with the present right now. He's among the team leaders in slugging in spring, which is an excellent sign. He's now the centerpiece that the Orioles are building around and he's so highly touted, he's worth keeping, in my book.

As for Miguel Tejada, I wouldn't draft him under any circumstance. He's a steroid guy and I don't expect him to come close to his MVP-like numbers way back when. He also might have to deal with more legal stuff throughout the season.

I like your players and it seems to me you are forcing it here. Lackey and Escobar won't be out that long, They are expected back in mid-May, which means they should be good to go for June.

I would wait it out. Maybe Parra gets into the rotation, given his phenomenal spring, which alleviates your pitching injury problem. And if Fukudome pans out, that will alleviate your outfield issues. I'd stick with what you have for now and make a move when you know things for certain.