It's that time again, and somebody is going to get cut on tonight's American Idol results show.

To celebrate the week's theme ("The Year They Were Born"), the contestants' group song is "Right Back Where We Started From." I was wondering how they would handle that.


But we're here for the results, so here we go:

Chikezie comes out on stage and finds out he's in the bottom three right off the bat. He is not surprised.

Brooke White is safe.

Carly Smithson addresses the fact that there are some pregnancy rumors, which she says are not true. She tells Simon that he was right that she had something on her mind during her performance last night -- she was wearing Spanx (that's body-shaping hosiery for those of you not in the know) and trying to look a little thinner. Anyway, she is safe, and she is relieved.

David Archuleta is safe.

David Cook is next. Ryan says he talked to Chris Cornell today and he loved David's take on Chris' take on "Billie Jean." Also, he is safe.

Syesha Mercado is in the bottom three.

Michael Johns: safe.

Before the last few finalists find out their fate, it's viewer question time. Sarah (not me, I promise) wants to know whether Chikezie is single. He says he is "very, very single." Nicole wants to know why David Archuleta chose "You're the Voice" last night out of all the songs from his birth year. He says because it's one of his all-time favorite songs. Ari asks Simon what she needs to do "to take Ryan Seacrest's job." Simon says the good news is, you don't need a lot of talent, so everyone has a chance. Caitlin wants to know who Brooke would duet with if she could pick anyone. She says John Mayer. Vanessa asks Simon whether he considers himself the "most attractive person on the show and why." He responds, "It's not what I say, it's what other people say." And then he cracks up.

Season 2's No. 3 finisher Kimberley Locke talks about her experiences since the show. Besides the singing, she's a part-owner of a restaurant outside Manhattan. She also talks about her weight-loss journey (she's lost about 40 pounds in the past year), and says she's working on her second CD. Then, it's singing time.

Back to the results. Ramiele Malubay is safe. Which leaves Jason Castro and Kristy Lee Cook. Ryan adds that he heard from Lee Greenwood, who loved Kristy's performance last night. Kristy is safe, and Jason is in the bottom three.

Jason, Chikezie and Syesha gather on the stage to find out their fates, and Jason promptly finds out he is safe. After a break and some squabbling from the judges, it's finally revealed: Syesha is safe, and Chikezie is going home.

He reprises last night's performance, and that's all for this week.

I'm not surprised -- if not this week, I think he would have been out soon. What do you think of the results?