Come on ... do they really need an hour and two minutes to send Kristy Lee Cook packing? OK, I'm just guessing. But we'll see what happens on tonight's American Idol results show. (Spoiler: My guess was wrong.)

Host Ryan Seacrest reveals this season's mentors: Dolly Parton, Mariah Carey, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Neil Diamond. Then he discuses this year's songwriting competition.


And what the world needs now is another group-sing medley. During which it seems that Ramiele's mike is off, which isn't very nice, and the cameraperson trips (or something). Even more, we need a montage from last night.

Now, results. Or at least some of them.

Brooke White is called forward first. She is in the Top 10. Then, Carly Smithson comes out and finds out she is in the bottom three. David Archuleta is next, and he is also in the Top 10. Michael Johns tells Ryan he is worried, and he finds out he's safe.

Then, not only the Ford commercial, but also the making of. Yawn.

David Cook comes out to find his fate. He's safe. Kristy Lee Cook says she thought it was her strongest performance so far, but Ryan says she is in the bottom three. Jason Castro is in the Top 10. Ramiele Malubay is in the Top 10, too.

Viewers get to call in, and Cheryl Ann wants to know from Simon, "Why do you spend so much money on cars and nothing on clothes?" He calls it a rude question and then says he has no ego. Jessica Reynolds wants to know whether Paula and Simon would ever consider filming a sequel to the kiss scene from the second season. Simon says yes because Paula is a good kisser. Mary Roberts wants to ask Ramiele want the last song she downloaded on your iPod. The answer: R. Kelly's "I'm a Flirt." Linda Neese wants to ask Michael Johns whether his experience has been everything he wanted it to be. He says everything and more, although, "apparently I peaked in Hollywood." Oh, darn, they are out of time.

Kellie Pickler, contestant from Season 5, comes out to perform after Ryan says she has "grown in so many ways." OK, Ryan, the plastic surgery is old news. Get over it! She sings "Red High Heels."

After the break, Elliott Yamin and Fantasia are shown in Angola, showing how some of the "Idol Gives Back" money from last year was used.

Back to results. Syesha Mercado comes out to learn that she is safe. That leaves Chikezie and Amanda Overmyer. Chikezie is safe, and Amanda is in the bottom three.

The bottom three gather on stage, and Carly Smithson is safe. She cries. Kristy Lee Cook is safe, and Amanda Overmyer is out.

If I were her, I would be mad they put the hair extensions back in for this.

And gosh, but the other finalists don't look too torn up about her departure, do they?