Waiting for the good word

Ravens defensive tackle Dwan Edwards will appear at the Sports Legends Museum on Friday as part of the Babe’s Birthday Bash celebration. The event runs from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. and commemorates the 113th anniversary of Ruth’s birth.
Ruth was born in Baltimore in 1895 at 216 Emory Street, the row house that now serves as a shrine to Ruth.

Julio Franco’s parents used to baby-sit him.

(And that, my friends, is your monthly Julio Franco reference. I'm still looking for a sponsor)

Maybe we’ll get that official announcement on the Erik Bedard trade today, though it has become apparent that this drama could drag on into tomorrow. It’s been so much fun, why rush it?

Bedard is expected to take his physical today. That should speed up the process.
Has anyone failed a physical because of their oblique?

We’re still hearing 5-for-1. Nothing about Brian Roberts being included and the Mariners throwing in an extra player.

Scouts often compare Adam Jones, the centerpiece of the deal, to Brewers center fielder Mike Cameron. That’s not a bad thing, especially defensively, but I’m reaching a little higher than a .251 career hitter. I assume the Orioles are doing the same.

I omitted Garrett Olson yesterday when discussing fifth-starter candidates. He’s in the running for sure, but he’ll have to change his approach and stop nibbling. Olson trusted his stuff a lot more in the minors. His control suffered when the Orioles called him up and he became more tentative, a common occurrence with young pitchers.

Continue to do what got you here.

Olson will hear that message frequently this spring – from manager Dave Trembley, pitching coach Rick Kranitz, Aberdeen pitching coach Scott McGregor, and many others.

It’s obvious from talking to McGregor that he believes Hayden Penn can be a productive major league pitcher. And that Adam Loewen eventually will be a No. 1.

I’ll check in later today after making a few calls.