The morning after

Adam Jones called into last night’s Hot Stove Show, but his cell phone died while he was on hold.
Any chance this will void the deal?

Nope. I think we’re safe.

Jones, I’m told, sounds enthusiastic about coming to Baltimore. I don’t get that same vibe with George Sherrill, and I know other people have noticed. But don’t take it personally. He will always have an unbreakable connection to the Mariners because they rescued him from an independent league. Teams weren’t exactly beating down his door. And a rebuilding project isn’t as appealing to a pitcher who turns 31 in April.

That doesn’t mean he’ll be miserable this year. He’ll gradually get comfortable in his new surroundings and bond with his teammates. But this one stings. No doubt about it.

Maybe being the team’s closer will energize him. That’s manager Dave Trembley’s preference.

Also look for Adam Jones in center field, not at shortstop. His position is set.

In case you missed it, here’s a quote from Mariners general manager Bill Bavasi concerning a certain Canadian left-hander:

“This a young guy that is all business. He has a good sense of humor. I’m not going to tell you he’s long-winded. He’s not a guy that likes to talk about himself. But for us, he’s a breath of fresh air, and we’re real excited to have Erik Bedard.”

Buck Martinez previously stated that the Orioles should avoid signing a veteran for the back end of the rotation. It made more sense to him for a rebuilding team to go with one of its young arms. But he now agrees that, with Bedard gone, the club needs to add a veteran. And that’s exactly what MacPhail is trying to do.