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Fast facts on Adam Jones

The Erik Bedard-for-Adam Jones, George Sherrill and some other guys trade is turning into a version of Waiting for Godot. Not since Generalissimo Franco died did anything so apparently inevitable take so long to happen.

But while we're waiting for Seattle and Baltimore to straighten this out (are these trade talks being held in Panmunjom?), we thought we'd try to dig up a little information on the guy who is suppose to be the prize here for the Orioles, Adam "NOT Pacman" Jones.


OK so here they are:

Jones' major league statistics.


Jones' minor league statistics.

Game logs from the Mariners' Web site.  I see in a series here in Baltimore last season, he went 3-for-4 with a double and a walk and FIVE runs scored (I'm assuming there was some pinch-running involved).

I was looking for some profiles on the guy but they didn't include anything particularly startling. As you may already know, he was switched from shortstop to center field. He has moved quickly through the minors and made Triple-A at a young age, 20.  Although he played in a bunch of places in a handful of years since being drafted out of high school, he seems to adapt well to each new setting.

Photo credit: Tony Gutierrez/AP