I kind of hate to admit that I was excited about the premiere of the latest Survivor, which pits 10 superfans against 10 "favorite" players.

I was less than excited that Jonny Fairplay (in real life, Jon Dalton, he of the lying about his grandma dying to win a reward challenge) was among the favorites.


But that little thorn in my side didn't last long, since Fairplay decided he needed to go home to his seven-months'-pregnant fiancee, who happens to be former America's Next Top Model contestant Michelle Deighton. (By the way, the baby was born Jan. 16.) The editors played it up as a possibly another lie from their loose cannon, but it wasn't, and he is out. Works for me!

At this point (especially when they are starting with 20 contestants), it's hard to sort out who is who and all that, but a few things did stick out from the premiere:

* How awesome was it watching Yau Man tackle Fairplay and get the immunity idol away from him?

* Eliza is still a law student? My first thought was, wasn't she a law student when she was on the show back in season 9? But, upon checking it out, she was "pre-law" then and is graduating in December.

* Parvati still annoys. Interviewing about how this time there was going to be much more to her than flirting, then deciding James was the only one worth flirting with and then throwing herself at him might be a more embarrassing sequence of events than her first time around on the show.

* Whither Cirie? After the coupling started (Amanda and Ozzy, Parvati and James), another foursome united: Jonathan, Eliza, Yau Man and Ami. Jonny Fairplay was the swing vote, but that only adds up to nine, and Cirie was apparently never considered a factor, at least not in the first episode. Kind of strange.

* On the fans' side, I don't think Kathleen "Hey, Chet, you're the first gay man I've ever met; that's so COOOOOOL" Sleckman is long for this game once her team loses.

*I also don't think Mikey B is as funny as he thinks he is (not to get all

on you).

It should be fun once we get to know the other players a little more and see how the faves interact with one another. I do hope they knock off the coupling. I don't watch many of the dating shows, and that's certainly not what I'm looking for in my Survivor seasons.

The one thing I will miss is watching Jeff Probst's utter contempt for Fairplay just ooze out of him every time their interacted. That was comedy.

(Photo courtesy of CBS)