Baltimore Sun

Pop quiz

The Orioles are:

A). So close to trading Brian Roberts to the Cubs, it could happen during Erik Bedard's press conference in Seattle.


B). Leaning toward keeping Brian Roberts because the Cubs won't part with Felix Pie, and the Orioles won't make the deal without him.

C). A bigger tease than my last two dates.


I'm going with B, but only because I still don't believe that Sean Gallagher, Matt Murton and Ronny Cedeno get it done. And I can't remember my last date.

Erik Bedard is:

A). In Canada because he doesn't recognize Bill Bavasi's phone number and is screening his calls.

B). On a flight to Seattle, because he recognized his agent's phone number and picked up.

C). Turning his head and coughing - and hopefully in a doctor's office and not in coach.

I'm guessing here, as I so often did when taking a quiz in school, but I'll go with B. And I'll wish that I could copy off the kid sitting next to me, as I so often did when taking a quiz in school.

I received:

A). 195,342 page views on this blog between Jan. 27 and Feb. 2, proving that there is a tremendous amount of interest in this trade - or my blog photo finally is growing on you.


B). A couple of death threats if I didn't come up with more information on what stalled the Bedard talks - and if I didn't change my blog photo.

C). All of the above.

I'm cheating now because I already know this one - sort of like when I got hold of the teacher's edition of the text book that had all the answers in the back. So far, it's A. And let's hope it stays that way. Please.

By March 31, Jeremy Guthrie will be:

A). The Orioles' Opening Day starter.

B). Tired of telling reporters how it feels to be the Orioles' Opening Day starter.


C). Wishing he could join Erik Bedard in Seattle. Or Chris Gomez in Pittsburgh.

This is a trick question because there are two correct answers: A and B. Check back with me at the trade deadline on C.

Dave Trembley is:

A). Perfectly qualified to manage a team that won't be expected to contend, will have a definite slant toward youth and will concentrate more on fundamentals in spring training.

B). Unaware that he'll soon wish he was back on a crowded team bus with no air conditioning and another 14 hours to go before reaching its destination.

C). A masochist.


Most definitely A, but again, check back with me in a few months.

(Bonus question, for those of us who need the extra credit)

If Andy MacPhail could go back in time, he'd:

A). Politely ask Bavasi to stuff a sock in Adam Jones' mouth.

B). Wait until hanging up the phone before snickering once he agreed to the Miguel Tejada trade.

C). Sketch the dog on the back of that match book cover and never become a GM.


I'm so tempted to go with B and C, but knowing MacPhail, he simply apologized to the Astros, and he was more inclined to learn how to drive an 18-wheeler than become an artist. And he did win those two World Series in Minnesota. So by the process of elimination, it has to be A.