Now that¿s tough: lost iPhone survives pounding of highway traffic

Anyone who doubted the durability of the iPhone need only read Mike Beauchamp's story on Flickr, where he posted numerous photos of his iPhone that still works despite falling onto an interstate highway and getting run over.

You can read his first-person account on his Flickr page, but here's the abridged version: After putting gas in his car at a highway rest stop, Beauchamp forgot that he had left his iPhone sitting on the trunk.


Soon after he got back on the road, he realized the iPhone was missing. He returned to the rest stop and searched 30 minutes for the phone, but had no luck.

Figuring he's lost the iPhone forever, Beauchamp again got back on the interstate. About a quarter of a mile along he spotted something glimmering in the next lane – his iPhone.


What follows is a testament to one man's devotion to a piece of hardware. He pulled over and got out of his car, "waiting for the passing cars and trucks to go by so I could run across 2 lanes of 75mph traffic to retrieve my poor phone."

Alas, even after all he'd been through, Beauchamp faced one last horror. As he waited for the last big truck to pass so he could run into the highway (kids, this is NOT a good idea), it moved over to the lane where the iPhone was lying. From Beauchamp's account: "As I watched helplessly from the shoulder, the semi plowed [into] my phone at full speed, throwing it to the ditch on the other side of the highway."

Despite believing he had just witnessed its violent demise, Beauchamp went after the phone. To his astonishment, he heard the iPhone ringing as he approached. He answered it and heard his Mom's voice (no doubt admonishing him for playing in traffic – Moms always know).

Beauchamp writes that his iPhone retains full functionality. He estimates the device sat on the interstate for about an hour before he rescued it, enduring punishment from cars and trucks traveling at highway speeds.

So impressed was Beauchamp that he called Apple's customer relations department. They expressed interest in making a commercial out of the incident, which wouldn't be a bad idea.

It wouldn't be unprecedented, either. Recall that an amateur's YouTube video inspired the "Music is My Girlfriend" iPod Touch commercial.

They could even play off the old Timex commercials with John Cameron Swayze: "It takes a dinging and keeps on ringing."