Here's more reader comment on the Marc Steiner firing, and make sure you check out the feedback on my earlier post on this subject:

Mark Steiner is the reason, the only reason, I listen to and support WYPR.
-- Helen Dale
I wanted to thank you for your Random Rodricks column
on Marc Steiner's firing.  I am a faithful WYPR
listener but lately (due to my job) only in the
mornings and evenings.  I used to listen to Marc
midday and enjoyed his Maryland politics discussions
that he did in the morning NPR news broadcasts.  I
have a theory on what happened to him other than what
others are saying.  During the morning spot he does
with Frasier Smith he sort of got into it with Smith
about the power rate increase and who was to blame.
Marc took the position that Constellation and other
power producers got over on the Maryland consumers
Frasier adamantly  defended them to the point where
there was real tension between them.  That sort of
exchange was not at all typical of the usual public
radio content.  Anyway my first thought after hearing
that was I wonder how much Constellation has
contributed to the station over the years and is that
going to get Marc in hot water?  Then I thought he was
the founder of the station and help call the shots so
no problem right? Guess I was wrong.  Here's to hoping
he lands on his feet.
-- Frank in Essex
What was really creepy and Stalinesque was the elimination of any reference to Marc's show on the website. No matter the date searched you see two programs inserted into the slots where Marc's show was: Day to Day, and Tell Me More. Programs I've never heard of in all my time listening to WYPR.  That WYPR now sees it's mission as statewide is part of the larger media trend in this country towards merging markets which results less and less community coverage. Thanks for your distinctive voice on the local scene. I hope a buyout isn't in your near future.
-- Bryce Butler
OK,  My paranoid delisusion is that there are two basic forms of media in America,  the objective press and the right-wing press.  The latter has no commitment to anything but advancing the right-wing agenda of their masters, such as Rupert Murdoch, and Joe Coors.  The right-wing press brands the objective media as "biased" for reporting the facts and gets their slanted opinions reported on as if they were actually  factual.  The global warming "debate" is the most egregious recent example. . . . The right-wing has long been critical of NPR for not slanting things their way and has led the effort to disembowel Public Radio.  Marc is as even-handed and fair as they come, so he had to go in favor of some more inflamatory right winger who may be subsidized by some billionaire afraid that the truth about his exploitation of the poor and middle-class will be honestly reported.  I suspect that a little digging would uncover a letter writing campaign against Marc spawned by a right-wing organization.  They get both Marc and possibley kill WYPR too.   Great for them.
-- Anonymous