Concluding another workout

A woman sitting in the stands noticed Orioles president Andy MacPhail and yelled, “Thank you for everything you’re doing for us, Andy.”
MacPhail paused, smiled at the fan and replied: “I appreciate it. Hopefully, you’ll feel the same way in July.”

Brian Roberts left the complex and headed to his 12:30 p.m. medical appointment. He believes the cause of his severe stomach pain is a kidney stone that might have broken up.

Asked if he’s experienced anything that painful, Roberts said, “I never had a kid, but other than that…”

Keep in mind, this is a guy who dislocated his elbow and tore a tendon and ligament during a collision at first base.

Manager Dave Trembley threw a little love at Jay Payton, saying the outfielder is a lot further ahead this spring than in 2007.

Adam Loewen threw to live hitters for the first time since having a screw inserted in his elbow. That was good to see.

The Orioles’ shortstop will bat ninth this year, according to Trembley – assuming he’s currently on the roster. And I’m guessing this comes as a shock to nobody.

Trembley said Freddie Bynum is at a disadvantage because he played the outfield in winter ball, so he’ll have to get reacquainted with the shortstop position.

“He’s enough of an athlete that he’ll catch up,” Trembley said.

Catcher Guillermo Quiroz hit a liner up the middle that almost took Fredy Deza’s glove off and carried it to the outfield.

It started raining hard toward the end of the workout, but none of the drills were interrupted.

Kevin Millar and Ryan Dempster had another verbal sparring session today from opposite coasts. They’re friends and former teammates who are intent on keeping this “feud” alive.

Dempster heard about Millar’s guarantee that the Orioles will win the World Series – countering Dempster’s prediction about the Cubs – and that he’d homer off the right-hander. Dempster couldn’t wait to pass along his response to reporters covering the team in Mesa, AZ.

“It’s kind of hard to go deep off me if you’re wearing one in the ribs every time up,” he said. “Who’s he, the Cowboy Up guy? Ooh, the big Cowboy Up, ride that pony or whatever he does in his cowboy boots and his 1.5 Hummers. Yeah, pretty bold prediction, huh?

“If he wants to do that, you can tell him that I welcome the challenge. It’d be fun, mano-a-mano, facing each other.”

Of course, Dempster’s comments were printed out and handed to Millar (a reporter trying to stir things up). Millar loved it and fired back.

Here’s a sample. The rest will appear in the spring training notebook that I filed earlier today:

“If Dempster threw it at my ribs, that means he’s trying to go down and away. He has no command, no control, of any fastball he throws, so he can’t tell anybody where he’s going to throw the baseball. The young man made the (2000) All-Star team with the Fighting Fish (Florida Marlins) because they had to take somebody. The guy’s lived off the 2000 All-Star stuff for many, many, many years and I’m tired of hearing about it.

“He watched the ‘04 World Series. He knows who the Cowboy Up guy is because he was on the couch that year. He hadn’t been to the playoffs, he hadn’t been to the big dance. He was barbequing with his friends and family that year.”

Millar kept pausing to come up with more insults, which he inevitably did. He promised to call Dempster later today.