A Baltimore man is suing the Ravens for copyright infringement because he's still claiming that they stole his idea for the team's original logo and continue to profit from it.

The Ravens will settle with the man if he also admits that it was his idea to draft Kyle Boller in the first round.


The Washington Nationals signed Bret Boone, who hasn't played since the franchise relocated to Texas.

Boone is third in career home runs by a second baseman behind Jeff Kent and Ryne Sandberg. But don't say that too loudly or the Nationals will try to sign Sandberg.

Danys Baez returned to the Orioles' clubhouse this morning, but only to undergo an eye and dental exam.

Kevin Millar is guaranteeing a championship in 2008. And he wants it on the record.
He even predicts that he'll homer off the Cubs' Ryan Dempster in the World Series.

Funny guy.

Brian Roberts doesn't want fans to get the impression that he is miserable with the Orioles and is pushing for a trade, but he concedes that the idea of playing for a contender is appealing to him. Not exactly breaking news.

"It's a touchy situation because I love the Orioles," he said. "I've been here since Day One and I do want to see this organization win. I made a commitment when I signed my deal. But certainly, on the other hand, when you see two of your best players gone, a lot of unknowns come in. Very talented, I'm sure, but unknowns nonetheless. The organization essentially has conceded that we probably won't win for a couple years. It's hard to swallow at first. But wherever I end up, I'll do my job."

Asked if he expected to be with the Orioles on Opening Day, Roberts said, "I don't know what to expect anymore. I don't try to predict anymore."

Roberts said he's had "a little bit of communication" with club officials but hasn't requested a trade.

"I would never call this organization and say, 'I want to be traded, I need to be traded, get me out of here,'" he said.

In a perfect world, Roberts would get that chance to win here. That's his first choice.

Maybe having his locker next to Millar's will convince him that the Orioles are going to be contenders in 2008.