Baltimore Sun

Another day passes

From this point forward, I will no longer offer any predictions on when the Orioles will announce the Erik Bedard trade.

I feel like such a tease.


The Seattle media was working tonight to locate Bedard. He still needed to take his physical, and the Mariners will need to receive the test results. Once that happens, we could become prisoners of the three-hour time difference.

The Orioles might want to wait until the morning hours to announce the deal if the results arrive past business hours. They issued one release at 10:21 p.m. on a Saturday night, but I'm assuming that was an exception.


It doesn't appear that we'll hear anything official tomorrow, which would take us into Thursday.

(That sounds an awful lot like a prediction. Sorry.)'s Jerry Crasnick and Jayson Stark praised the Orioles today for reaching agreement on the trade, and for their willingness to rebuild, during separate call-in segments on The Anita Marks Show.  Meanwhile, Geoff Baker of The Seattle Times mentioned how the majority of Mariners fans seem to be concerned that the club is giving up too much for Bedard.

I still think they should be relieved that the Mariners didn't lose Brandon Morrow, Carlos Triunfel or Jeff Clement. This deal works for both teams. Or it will once it becomes official - maybe by Thursday.

Meanwhile, Gary Roenicke and Benny Ayala are participating in the Orioles' fantasy camp in Sarasota, Fla. This doesn't qualify as news, but it's nice to hear those names again and remember the good times.

I thought Ayala only worked on Sundays. Wasn't that the day that manager Earl Weaver usually wrote his name in the lineup?