So apparently 31 million votes were cast this week on American Idol, host Ryan Seacrest says. But we're all here to see who is going home.

The Top 20 come out for the group sing, which is possibly even more cheeseball than usual. (Mmmm, cheeseball. Now I'm hungry.)


The guys are up first in the hot seat(s) after the break. Ryan asks Luke Menard and Jason Yeager if they are as nervous as last week. They are, as they should be. The back row stands, and Jason Yeager is out, leaving Danny Noriega, Chikezie, Jason Castro and Michaels Johns safe. So Jason and his dumb bleach stripe come up to talk to Ryan and says he didn't pick the right song. Simon tells him his problem is that he doesn't stand out in the crowd. "You're not a bad singer, you just don't stand out." He revisits Tuesday night's Doobie Brothers song for his sing-out and basically proves what Simon just said about him.

Then the women prepare to find out who is leaving. The back row stands to find out their fate. Kristy Lee Cook is safe. Asia'h Epperson is, too. Brooke White: safe. This leaves Amanda Overmyer and Alexandrea Lushington. Amanda is safe, and Alexandrea is out. I am shocked. She was great last week and way better than most of the rest of the girls. Paula reminds her that this is just the beginning. She sings again, and seriously, she should not be out already.

The women are still under pressure after the break. The front row stands. Carly Smithson is safe, as are Ramiele Malubay and Syesha Mercado, leaving Kady Malloy and Alaina Whitaker. Kady is safe. Alaina is out and she starts crying. She says she can't sing right now and she's so embarrassed. Paula tells her she is a "gifted, bright young talent ... We think you're promising. You have so many good experiences ahead of you." The audience persaudes her to sing, and the other girls come out to help her. She manages to pull it together, though, and sings it on her own.

Cat Deeley, host of So You Think You Can Dance, is in the audience. Hey, I met her last week, when she was in D.C. for auditions.

March 11, when it's down to the Top 12, the theme will be the music of the Beatles, now that the Lennon-McCartney songbook has been released. And April 9 will be the return of Idol Gives Back. Ryan starts listing names of celebs who will be participating, and Miley Cyrus gets a bigger scream from the audience than Brad Pitt.

Ryan gets right to the point with the remaining guys, calling Luke Menard and Robbie Carrico forward. And Robbie is out, and Luke is safe. What?? Simon plays the authenticity card on him again and says it never felt real. Well, I never bought Luke as a finalist.

For whatever it's worth, we're losing a few more people who got zero backstory during the first several weeks.

Anyway, Robbie sings "Hot-Blooded" one last time.

What do you think of these results?

(Photo of Robbie Carrico courtesy of Fox)