Super Bowl Props Contest

This week on THE Hardcore Fantasy Show:

Miguel from Toronto joins us for a run through the NHL & NBA waiver-wire and Bottom Line Jay from Boston kicks off our MLB preview as we look at starting pitchers.


Damon D from BetUS radio handicaps our props pool -- we'll also record a separate podcast focusing on our Super Bowl Props Pool!

Send your answers to thefantasyshow@hardcoresportsradio.com and the winner(s) will get a toque (if there is a tie, both win).


1) How long will it take Jordin Sparks to sing the national anthem?

-- over 1:42

-- under 1:42

2) What will the result of the coin toss be?

-- heads

-- tails

3) Who will score the first TD in the game?

4) What will happen first for Eli Manning?

-- Throws a TD pass

-- Throws an interception

5) Who will have more receiving yards?

-- Randy Moss (-20)

-- Plaxico Burress (+20)

6) Will there be three consecutive scores?

-- Yes

-- No

7) How many coaches challenges will there be?

a) 0

b) 1

c) 2

d) 3

e) 4 or more

8) What song will Tom Petty close the half-time show with?

a) I Won't Back Down

b) Free Fallin'

c) The Waiting

d) American Girl

e) Running Down a Dream

f) Learnin' to Fly

g) I Need to Know

h) Don't Do Me Like That

i) Even the Losers

j) You Got Lucky

9) Historical match-up: Who gets more passing yards?

Eli Manning in Super Bowl XLII vs Peyton Manning in XLI (247 yds)

10) Historical match-up: Who gets more combined rushing yards?

Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw in Super Bowl XLII vs Ottis Anderson and Dave Meggett in Super Bowl XXV (150 yards)

11) Who records a high number on Sunday, Feb. 3?

-- Jaromir Jagr points vs. Montreal Canadiens

-- Randy Moss touchdowns vs. New York Giants

12) Who will be Super Bowl MVP?

13) Who will the MVP thank first?

a) teammates

b) God

c) family

d) coach

e) no thank-yous / none of the above

14) Shortest field goal made?

-- over 25.5 yards

-- under 25.5 yards

15) What color Gatorade will the winning coach be doused in?

Want to be an expert on our fantasy show? Send an e-mail to thefantasyshow@hardcoresportsradio.com explaining what you know, how you learned it, where you learned it, when you learned it and why you learned it. Or just give a brief explanation.

-- Dave Golokhov

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