Randy Myers

Strangest headline I’ve seen today: “Pair Brings Corpse to Store to Cash Check”
No truth that it’s scheduled to interview for the Ravens head coaching job next week.

We keep discussing trade proposals involving the Mariners (Erik Bedard) and Cubs (Brian Roberts). Other teams are lurking in the shadows, and don’t be surprised if one of them is the Indians.

Somebody could sneak up on us when we least expect it. 
Speaking of Roberts, I’m currently chasing a rumor that he ordered a Chicago-style pizza for dinner last night. More on this as it develops.

(correction here): Tune into the Hot Stove show tomorrow night on WHFS (105.7 FM) and MASN at 7 p.m. and you’ll hear Buck Martinez and former Orioles closer Randy Myers. Just not at the same time.

Myers was quite a character when he pitched here, and it’ll be fun to catch up with him. I can still see him sitting on the clubhouse floor in his camouflage T-shirt and shorts, using a large knife to slice some sort of meat for a pre-game snack. Beef, deer…I never asked.

He also kept a toy grenade in his locker.

At least I think it was a toy.

I was asked yesterday which blog entry has received the most reader comments since I started doing this in November 2005. I’ll have to research it when I have some free time on my hands, but I’m sure the top three would consist of an entry where I defended one of former manager Sam Perlozzo’s managerial decisions, and The Ghost of Earl tore into me; the game in D.C. that the Orioles lost in the late innings after another controversial move by Perlozzo, with many of you demanding that he be fired; and the Mitchell Report.

By the way, we recently topped 113,000 page views, or “hits,” in a single week. And that’s during the winter. Imagine what’ll happen once spring training starts.