I’m amazed at how the videotaping scandal involving Bill Belichick doesn’t seem to have left any smudges on him. He’s Jason Giambi without the vague apology.
Such an egregious violation of NFL rules would have taken down most guys in Belichick’s profession. Meanwhile, the Associated Press has named him the 2007 Coach of the Year.

I guess he picked a good year to go 16-0.

Meanwhile, Cam Cameron is out as Dolphins coach.

I guess he picked a bad year to go 1-15.

Here’s hoping Cameron gets another shot down the road. I don’t think he should be judged on one season at the helm of a really bad team that lost star players Trent Green, Ronnie Brown and Zach Thomas to injury and Chris Chambers to a trade.

The Dolphins’ next coach will be their fifth in five seasons, so we know stability is important to them.

If the Orioles dip into the free-agent market for a closer, they could always bring back Jorge Julio. He’s still on the market.

Now that would sell tickets.

What about Armando Benitez? He’s out there, too. And Randy Myers isn’t busy these days.

I’m sure somebody will give Julio a look in spring training, but he can’t be trusted to do anything except mop-up duty. He used to be a starter in the low minors. Maybe he can come full circle.

So what’s your opinion of the Nick Swisher trade? And do you think the Orioles could have put together a comparable package to get him?

The White Sox gave up two top pitching prospects – left-hander Gio Gonzalez and Fautino De Los Santos – and outfielder Ryan Sweeney. No one in the group is older than 22.

Gonzalez is considered a real gem, which makes me wonder why he keeps getting traded.


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