Baltimore Sun

Latest twist

Orioles executive Andy MacPhail wasn't kidding when he told The Sun last night that he didn't expect Adam Jones to arrive in Baltimore today for a physical. Or to sample the steamed crabs and a Natty Boh.

You'll want to check out this story on the Web site of the Mariners' flagship radio station.


Am I surprised that Jones isn't here? Absolutely not. Did I expect him to remain in Venezuela? Absolutely not.

I assumed that he returned to the U.S.


If I'm the manager of Jones' winter league team in Venezuela, I'm afraid to write his name in the lineup.

Jones apparently is backpedaling now and denying that he told a reporter in Venezuela that he had been traded to the Orioles. George Sherrill can't seem to decide whether he was instructed to take a physical in Baltimore.

My take: Jones and Sherrill were told to stop talking so much. There isn't a deal in place at the moment. They're still property of the Seattle Mariners, just as Erik Bedard continues to be slated as the Orioles' Opening Day starter until told otherwise. And it has nothing to do with pending physicals.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's episode of "As the Trade Turns," when Mariners third base coach Sam Perlozzo tells a reporter in Italy that he's returning to Baltimore - pending a physical, of course.

Just don't deny it later, Sammy.