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Erik Bedard

So the Redskins have their offensive and defensive coordinators in place, but they still haven’t hired a head coach.
Isn’t it usually done in reverse?

If Erik Bedard is still listed on the Orioles’ 40-man roster beyond next week, I’ll be very surprised. My crystal ball keeps showing Adam Jones, George Sherrill and Chris Tillman reporting to Fort Lauderdale Stadium. They have another guy with them, but his image is fuzzy.

Then again, that same crystal ball keeps showing Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson smiling and waving from the back of a convertible during a victory parade through the streets of Dallas. And Bill Belichick winning Last Comic Standing. And Peter Schmuck being the anchor on The Sun’s 400 meter relay team.

It also showed Sidney Ponson signing a minor league deal with the Phillies, but now I’m told that won’t happen. No idea where he’s headed.

I really need to get a new crystal ball. Right after I invest in a Wii.

Moving on to the story on Erik Bedard that ran in today’s editions of The Sun, it’s important to note that the left-hander wasn’t angry or agitated during his interview with beat writer Jeff Zrebiec. A more accurate description would be matter-of-fact, and at times playful. He wasn’t fuming or bitter.

Also, it’s obvious that we’re dealing in semantics when it comes to the Orioles’ attempts to sign Bedard to a long-term contract. Bedard indicated that the Orioles haven’t made him an offer. Team president Andy MacPhail said he wanted to discuss a long-term deal with Bedard’s agent, Mark Pieper, who countered that Bedard preferred a one-year deal.

Pieper confirmed in the article that the two sides talked “conceptually” about a three-year contract. That's not an actual offer, but one was in the works. However, since Bedard is signed through 2009, my math tells me that we’re only talking about a one-year extension. No chance.

Bedard doesn’t want to go through a rebuilding process. The Orioles are going through a rebuilding process. He’s as good as gone.

So says this crystal ball. But it also says that the Orioles signed an option agreement to move their spring training site to Rehoboth Beach.

Where's my Magic 8 Ball?