Baltimore Sun

Commercial break

Be sure to watch closely when an Under Armour commercial runs during the Super Bowl. And try to pick out the Oriole prospect on your television screen.

I received an e-mail this week informing me that Billy Rowell will appear in the company's first-ever Super Bowl ad, along with other, perhaps more easily recognized athletes.


The commercial will last 60 seconds, roughly the same amount of time it takes Tom Brady to get a date.

Rowell in a Super Bowl ad. Finally, someone in the organization makes a postseason appearance.


We've been startled by enough false alarms when it comes to trades, but people I've spoken with over the last 24 hours sound more encouraged about Erik Bedard going to the Mariners. I still believe it's going to happen.

It's been so insane lately, we've almost forgotten about Brian Roberts and the Cubs. Those talks supposedly are active, as well. We've just been too preoccupied with Bedard to care as much.

I admire team president Andy MacPhail for being able to sleep nights. I'd be a total wreck if my roster was this unsettled so close to spring training.

The Sun's baseball writers are trying to plan a story budget, but it's a bit more challenging when you don't know whether to stake out Bedard's locker at Fort Lauderdale Stadium or introduce yourself to Adam Jones.

By the way, the next time you see the words "Jones" and "hip" in the same sentence, it will pertain to the music he's listening to on his iPod.