Why isn’t Kansas playing for the national championship?

Why do I have a strange feeling that the winner of the Ohio State-LSU game will immediately lose the following week, even though no games are scheduled?
Why did Roger Clemens wait until his 60 Minutes interview to reveal what former trainer Brian McNamee injected into him?

Was it because Clemens had such a bad vantage point while McNamee handled the syringe?

If McNamee decides to sue Clemens for defamation of character, which side do you root for?

Am I the only person on the planet who’s never received a B-12 shot?

Were the Cardinals smart or really, really smart to sign Matt Clement for the low cost of $1.5 million, plus a club option?

Will the NBA steal the NHL’s idea of an outdoor game and hold the Eastern Conference finals in commissioner David Stern’s driveway?

Since the locals love to bash a certain baseball owner, why isn’t there more outrage over Steve Bisciotti giving Brian Billick a four-year extension and then firing him after one season?

Will Biscotti order 27 pizzas at his next Super Bowl party and invite three people?

If the Ravens hire Bill Cowher, will all helmets be equipped with a spit shield?

If the Ravens hire Rex Ryan, will he wait four or five minutes to name Rob Ryan his defensive coordinator?

Are we all in agreement that Billick would make an excellent studio analyst?

Does every reporter who ever covered the team want to see Billick become a member of the media?

Is there any chance that Greg Aquino ends up closing for the Orioles?

Would we feel better about Aquino if his nickname was Tippy?

Did Bob Wickman submit his retirement papers yet?

Is Guillermo Quiroz jumping the gun a little by already preparing his acceptance speech into the Orioles’ Hall of Fame?


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