News from the NBA: Pacers guard Jamaal Tinsley was involved in another disturbance stemming from a visit to a bar or nightclub, his third since October 2006. This time, the team’s equipment manager reportedly was struck in both elbows while sitting in Tinsley’s Rolls Royce during a shooting that involved an assault rifle and occurred after Tinsley and several companions left the "Cloud 9" club. The Rolls Royce was struck by several bullets, and five bullet holes were found in another one of Tinsley’s vehicles at the scene. Tinsley’s friends chased after the shooters, and his brother, James, returned fire at the attackers.

Also, the Pistons beat the Bobcats, 104-85.

Quickly revisiting the Nationals’ acquisition of Lastings Milledge: His bad reputation extends beyond the accusations of sexual misconduct that affected his draft status. In New York, he irritated some teammates by often showing up late to the ballpark and displaying a poor attitude and work ethic. One veteran, believed to be closer Billy Wagner, posted a sign on Milledge’s locker last year that read "Know Your Place Rook."

At least Albert Belle was a hard worker. And players always said he was a good teammate.

The Nationals believe Milledge and Elijah Dukes are worth the risk and just need a change of scenery. They could end up getting the last laugh, because these guys are special talents.

Reporters covering the team won’t have a shortage of story angles in spring training.

The Nationals don’t have any plans to trade an outfielder, so they’ll go to spring training with Milledge, Dukes, Austin Kearns and Wily Mo Pena competing for at-bats.

Watching the Ravens reminds me of former Tampa Bay coach John McKay’s classic line regarding the woeful Buccaneers. Asked by a reporter about his team’s execution, McKay replied, "I’m all for it."

It’s time to give Troy Smith a start and see what he can do. At least the Ravens would be more interesting to watch. And honestly, could he do any worse than Kyle Boller?

Smith deserves the same chance to fumble and throw interceptions as every other Ravens quarterback this season.

I wonder if the same people who were counting down the days to the start of training camp are doing the same with spring training.

There are people close to the Orioles who anticipate a trade going down this week. They don’t know the particulars, but something could happen within the next few days.

Should we assume Miguel Tejada to the Astros or Brian Roberts to the Cubs?

Since trading Roberts appears to be more of a back burner issue right now, I'll go with Tejada. But I'm only guessing here.

The Orioles haven't announced their minor league staff changes, but pitching coach Scott McGregor has moved down from Double-A Bowie to short-season Single-A Aberdeen.

In case you were wondering what happened to him, Sidney Ponson is pitching for Leones del Escogido in the Dominican Winter League. So is Nerio Rodriguez. Remember him?