Knicks season-ticket holder Mara Altschuler told reporters that coach Isiah Thomas scolded fans near the bench after Monday’s game for not being more supportive of the team – a claim that Thomas denies.

The first question from reporters: “You have season tickets to watch this team?”

The second question: “Really?”

Meanwhile, Celtics center Kendrick Perkins could miss tonight’s game against the Kings because he said part of his bed fell on his right big toe Monday night.

This happened after his dresser set a pick.

Afterward, Perkins scolded his nightstand for not being more supportive.

Man, I love the NBA.

Moving to the NFL, Falcons owner Arthur Blank already has started his search for a new head coach. He’s reportedly looking for someone who’s energetic, a good communicator, adept at developing young talent and willing to stick around for at least 14 games.

The Mitchell Report is supposed to be released tomorrow. One person I know says it will be filled with names, anywhere from 60 to 80, and some of them will absolutely rock the baseball world to its foundation. Another person I know says there won’t be many names in it, that MLB will protect its biggest stars by burying their indiscretions and laying sod over them, that we’ll be left to wonder why so much time and money was wasted.

Yeah, it’s going to be one of those.

As if I can figure it all out when I’m still wondering how MLB could suspend Jay Gibbons and Jose Guillen but determine there was insufficient evidence to discipline Rick Ankiel, Gary Matthews Jr., Troy Glaus and Scott Schoeneweis. I’m waiting like everyone else, and hearing the same rumors.

As long as we’re trying to separate fact from fiction, the Mariners do seem willing to part with prized outfield prospect Adam Jones in a deal for Erik Bedard. The Reds don’t seem willing to part with Jay Bruce. Advantage: Mariners. The Dodgers are hesitant to part with left-hander Clayton Kershaw, but it could happen if the Orioles package Miguel Tejada with Bedard - as they seem willing to do. 

As much as I like Jones, I’m rooting for a blockbuster that includes Kershaw and Matt Kemp. The Mariners could sweeten the deal by including catcher Jeff Clement, but the Orioles don't exactly have a need. It's not like they'd want him backing up Matt Wieters. 

By spring training, we’ll be marveling at how much the Orioles accomplished this winter. Bedard, Tejada and Brian Roberts will likely be gone. Those are three big names sliced off the roster. When’s the last time that happened in Baltimore?

Welcome aboard, Andy MacPhail.