Let's do a little forward looking here.

Let's assume the Ravens beat the Dolphins next week. You can figure for yourself whether they can beat either Seattle or Pittsburgh in Games 15 and 16. The track record says they finish 5-11.


So, where does that put them in the draft for the first round. Short answer, somewhere between seventh and 12th, depending on about a bazillion variables. I figure the following teams will finish with fewer than five wins: Dolphins, 49ers, Rams, Falcons, Jets, Raiders. Teams that I figure could finish with five wins (either because I think they'll win one more or are capable of losing their last three): Eagles, Bears, Panthers, Bengals, Chiefs and, of course, the Ravens. The Saints have only five wins but they play the Falcons tonight.

And when you start ruminating about the draft, if you want to get ill, consider that New England has San Francisco's pick, which could be the No. 2 player overall.

But moving right along …

I've seen some mock drafts that have the Ravens taking a quarterback in the range where they'll be picking (Kentucky's Andre Woodson is the name that keeps popping up), but the best cornerback should be on the board.

Considering how much trouble the Ravens have had on defense when their top corners were hurt this season, taking the top guy at that position is definitely the way they could go. Or they might  select a linebacker since the top guy could be there, too (unpopular as that might be among  fans).

I'll wager we'll be hearing about South Florida corner Mike Jenkins, Ohio State corner Malcolm Jenkins, Ohio State linebacker James Laurinaitis and Penn State linebacker Dan Connor in the weeks and months ahead. Note: The two Buckeyes are juniors.

Having said that, let's make sure we all understand this kind of talk is waaay premature.

But can you blame me after last night?