Evel thoughts

Since so many of you absolutely loved and embraced how I endorsed the proposed Erik Bedard trade to the Mets, I’d like to give my stamp of approval on another one: Curt Schilling, Pete Harnisch and Steve Finley to the Astros for Glenn Davis.

Maybe the Orioles can ship Eddie Murray to the Dodgers again.

Maybe I should stop playing GM for a day.

It's pretty clear the Mets are going to pass on Ramon Hernandez. First they trade for Johnny Estrada, then they acquire the Nationals' Brian Schneider, which most likely means they'll non-tender Estrada.

The Cardinals apparently want to makeover the left side of their infield. They signed shortstop Cesar Izturis - most likely ending their attempts to re-sign David Eckstein - and would like to move third baseman Scott Rolen. They've reportedly got some interest in Miguel Tejada.

Seriously, does anyone have video of Tejada playing third base? Still photos? Anything?

Another chunk of my youth has fallen off and crumbled at my feet with today’s news that Evel Knievel died at age 69.

How many of you are old enough to remember all the excitement surrounding his attempt to jump over the Snake River Canyon in Idaho on a rocket-powered cycle? We’re going back to 1974. There was so much hype leading up to the event, you would have thought he was going to be the first man to walk on the moon while simultaneously finding cures for every known disease.

Knievel didn’t quite make it, and his popularity went into sharp decline with kids my age. He raised the bar a little too high and couldn’t clear it. We were crushed – like just about every inch of bone and cartilage in his body.

You had to give the man props for playing hurt.

I hope Knievel rests in peace, but something tells me it won’t happen until his rocket-powered casket is launched into a hole in the ground. May his parachute always open.

The Arizona Fall League released its Top Prospects List, as chosen by assorted managers, coaches and administrators. Two Orioles farmhands made it – relievers Bob McCrory and Jake Arrieta. McCrory led the league in saves (five) and lowest opponent batting average (.103). He allowed two earned runs in 12 innings, walking four and striking out 11. Arrieta led the league in scoreless innings (16) and appearances (14). He walked seven and struck out 16, and opponents batted .154.

Here’s the rest of the list, in case you’re interested. Maybe a few of these guys can be packaged for Bedard:

Outfielders: Sam Fuld (Cubs), Jordan Schafer (Braves), Andrew McCutchen (Pirates), Brett Gardner (Yankees), Dexter Fowler (Rockies), Justin Maxwell (Nationals)

Third basemen: Evan Longoria (Rays), Matt Macri (Twins).

Shortstops: Elvin Andrus (Rangers), Reid Brignac (Rays)

Second basemen: Eugenio Velez (Giants), German Duran (Rangers)

First basemen: Juan Miranda (Yankees), Mike Carp (Mets)

Catchers: Dusty Brown (Red Sox), Jeff Clement (Mariners)

DHs: Matt LaPorta (Brewers), Travis Snider (Blue Jays)

Starting pitchers: Nick Blackburn (Twins), Matt Harrison (Braves)