Guest blogger John-John Williams IV reports:

We all knew that Chantal and Saleisha were safe because most of last night's episode focused on Bianca and Jenah.


Jenah should have been sent home! Yes, she has taken great photos. But she has been struggling of late. She has been sarcastic with judges, and she has expressed an overall desire to go home. I believe in granting wishes …

Bianca, on the other hand, really seemed to want this thing. Yes, she acted extremely immature and catty on the show. But, I truly think she is immature, and catty in real life. At least she was being true to herself. Jenah kept saying that she was trying to find herself. What the heck did she mean by that?

Saleisha and Chantal appeared to have found their groove. Their pictures have been strong. And Saleisha in particular looks like she has got this thing wrapped up. She keeps on getting better and better.

I'll let you watch this YouTube clip for more info from the episode. I want to use the rest of my keystrokes to: give Jaslene some props, scold CoverGirl, and share news about the show.

After two weeks of bashing Jaslene's management, I want to give them some props.

During her latest CoverGirl commercial, Jaslene finally did something to make us a little envious: she made the cover of Latina magazine.

No, it's not Vogue, Elle, or Vanity Fair, but it is also a vast improvement over appearances at Wal-Mart and at an Orioles game.

Not so fast CoverGirl, ya'll have some explaining to do!

How is it possible that Heather – the model that was booted off the show last week – was this week's CoverGirl model of the week? She isn't even in the competition anymore. I think that this CoverGirl competition is seriously flawed. I also think that Heather has been getting a sympathy vote because she has a form of autism.

On to the juicy news:  Twiggy won't be returning as a judge next cycle! See ya!

Supermodel and Dancing With the Stars alum Paulina Porizkova will replace her. (And it couldn't come at a better time!)

Twiggy is leaving the show due to "scheduling conflicts," according to several reports. Read more here.

Personally, I don't think the show will be hurting by the loss of Twiggy. She has been very blah at times. She has never added the same spice that Janice Dickinson brought to the show.

I don't know much about Paulina's personality, but I hope that she is a true diva. The show is in need of a Simon Cowell-type. Hopefully Paulina will last longer than she did on Dancing With the Stars. (She was voted off during the first round of the fourth season.)


America's Next Top Model can't rely on contestants to have piss-poor attitudes. (Sorry Bianca!) A true iconic fixture – a judge – will add a little somethin' somthin' to the show. Hopefully Paulina will be that missing ingredient to spice up the fashion gumbo that we call America's Next Top Model. Twiggy was a little to bland for my taste.

Keep catwalking!!! See you next week for the finale!