It’s been about 15 hours since the Ravens’ loss last night became official, and I’m still wondering how they let that one get away. Unless it was Kyle Boller’s ugly and inexplicable interception, a timeout called before Tom Brady was stuffed for no gain on fourth down, a defense holding call on a fourth-down incompletion – all of it happening in the fourth quarter with the Ravens trying to protect a lead.

I’m still not convinced Jabar Gaffney had possession of the ball on his touchdown reception with 44 seconds remaining. It looked to me like the ball was trying to squirt out of his hands as he went out of bounds. He was moving up his fingers.

At least Bart Scott kept his composure.

Sounds like talks between the Angels and Marlins regarding Miguel Cabrera have broken down, according to some reports. And that the Tigers have gotten heavily involved, according to ESPN’s Steve Phillips.

Imagine adding Cabrera’s bat to a lineup that already includes Gary Sheffield and Magglio Ordonez.

ESPN Deportes is reporting that the Royals have signed Jose Guillen to a three-year deal. So much for the Royals denying interest.

The Toronto media confirms that the Blue Jays will trade A.J. Burnett if they get an offer they like, figuring that he’ll opt out of his contract after next season. They want to sign Matt Clement, viewing him as a low-risk, high-reward guy after he missed last season following shoulder surgery.

Blue Jays president Paul Godfrey wants to bring in a big-name Canadian player. I guess Matt Stairs doesn’t count.

Jason Bay would fit that mold, and the Pirates have made him available. So, too, would Erik Bedard.

If you’re the Orioles, you seek young position prospects in any deal involving Bedard or Miguel Tejada. The farm system is barren at the Double-A and Triple-A levels. You can’t rebuild until you correct that deficiency.
Burnett’s never won more than 12 games – a stat that probably catches a lot of people by surprise – and he hasn’t been the most durable pitcher in baseball. He’s 67-65 in nine seasons, though a 3.79 ERA says he’s better than his record shows. He’s only 30, he throws in the upper 90s and he can be dominant on any given night. But knowing the Orioles’ luck, he’d blow out his elbow while signing autographs at FanFest.

Burnett would give the Orioles a replacement No. 1 starter for Bedard – and their only pitcher with nipple rings - but the rest of the package would be critical to any deal getting done. Again, the Orioles need young offensive talent. A left fielder. A center fielder. A first baseman. Somebody. That's how you rebuild.

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