As the dominoes keep falling, the Orioles stand pat, waiting for the line to reach them.

With Alex Rodriguez and Mike Lowell seemingly out of the mix, taking the Yankees and Red Sox with them, everyone’s attention spins to Marlins third baseman Miguel Cabrera. The Dodgers want him. So do the Angels. The loser will turn to the Orioles and Miguel Tejada.

It really becomes interesting with the Dodgers. If they get Cabrera, they’re not getting Erik Bedard. They only have so many prospects to surrender in a trade, and the Dodgers are the best fit for the Orioles.

So if you’re OK with the Orioles parting with Bedard, you should be rooting for the Angels to acquire Cabrera. But if you prefer the Angels’ young talent, you should be rooting for the Dodgers to acquire Cabrera. Or would the Angels take on both Cabrera and Tejada? Seems doubtful.

Whose stock has dropped faster, Tejada’s or Ramon Hernandez’s?

I’m still debating with friends and co-workers what the Orioles do with Jay Gibbons. I just don’t see a market for him, and I can’t fathom owner Peter Angelos eating what’s left on that contract.

Much of it depends on other moves. If Kevin Millar is traded, Gibbons could get his at-bats at first base or as the designated hitter when Aubrey Huff is playing first. Same arrangement if Millar stays and Huff is unloaded. Or if Melvin Mora waives that no-trade clause – he’s a perfect fit for the Phillies - and Huff plays a lot of third base, though Scott Moore probably would be the Orioles’ first choice.

And dare I suggest left field?

The Brewers reportedly are trying hard to sign catcher Jason Kendall. Damian Miller is an option if the Orioles trade Hernandez and need a one-year rental. I haven’t heard that from anyone. I’m just throwing it out there, since so many other names are floating around.

Michael Barrett is regarded as below-average defensively, and that won’t suit Andy MacPhail or Dave Trembley. And we already know about his issues in the clubhouse.